Basically the draft I made in 2018 posted on WordPress before moving it to Wattpad and start writing more seriously in 2019. Then combine some of the chapters from two to one. Now, I put it back to a WordPress site with hosting.

Chapter 8 was unfinished before moving to Wattpad, I kinda just post it as it is. Otherwise, they’re pretty much the same with the Wattpad version, except for chapter 1 (formerly split into chapter 1 and 2) which was rewritten and a whole lot of misspelling and a few edits here and there and different titles.

Whenever a chapter is rewritten, the previous version will go here.

(First Draft) + (Lost Chapter) Chapter 1 : Prologue

(Lost Chapter) Chapter 2: Kidnapped

(First Draft) + (Lost Chapter) Chapter 3: The Otherworldly Court

(First Draft) + (Lost Chapter) Chapter 4: Conversation in the Evening

(First Draft) Chapter 5: Mother’s Past Part 1

(First Draft) Chapter 6: Mother’s Past Part 2

(First Draft) Chapter 7: Maneg

(First Draft) Chapter 8

(Lost Chapter) Chapter 4: Mother Is From Another World!

(Lost Chapter) Chapter 5: Maneg 101

(Lost Chapter) Chapter 6: Hundred Percent Loyal Maneg

(Lost Chapter) Chapter 7: Aqua, the Fire Guardian

(Lost Chapter) Chapter 8: Slaying Skeleton Goblins

(Lost Chapter) Chapter 9: After the Battle

(Lost Chapter) Chapter 11: The Price of Loyal Maneg and More Court Wizards

(Lost Chapter) Chapter 12: Killing Bandits

(Lost Chapter) Chapter 15: Because of a Promise

(Lost Chapter) Chapter 16.1.5: Scientific Law and Fantasy Law, and Maneg

(Lost Chapter) Chapter 18: The Wanderer

(Lost Chapter) Chapter 14.1: Adventures in Manegia – Beginnings

(Lost Chapter) Chapter 13.1: Problems of the Conglomerate – Introduction

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