I will fill the worlds if they are the main focus on the currently written book.

To know more about how worlds are classified, read these chapters: More About the Otherworldly Court 3: Naming Conventions Part 2 – Worlds.

2/15 worlds filled.

7/13 Modules filled temporarily. To know about Modules read this chapter.

Alternate Earth Euracia


Beohar Modules

  • Beohar Human Species Module
  • Beohar Half-Animal (Half-Beost) Species Complex Module
  • Beohar Mutated Animal (Beost) Species Complex Module
  • Beohar Mist of No Return/Black Mist Object Module


Earth Base

Geron Yor Modules

  • Geron Yor Human (Yellow Deity’s Followers) Species Module
  • Geron Yor Acidic Green-Skinned Human (Green Deity) Species Complex Module {

– Geron Yor Acidic Green-Skinned Human (Green Deity) Species Module

– Geron Yor Acidic Green-Skinned Human (Spawn) Species Module


  • Geron Yor Magic System Module
  • Geron Yor Beacon Object Module
  • Geron Yor Green Line Object Module



Kaomagi Modules

  • Kaomagi Eria’s Children Species Complex Module {

– Kaomagi Animal (Half-Animal) Species Complex Module

– Kaomagi Elf Species Complex Module

– Kaomagi Human Species Module

– Kaomagi Dwarf Species Module

-Kaomagi Dragon (Dragon-Morph) Species Module


  • Kaomagi Vengeance Complex Module {

– Kaomagi Sentient Skeleton (Lord of Vengeance) Species Module

– Kaomagi Sentient Skeleton (Vengeful Remnant) Species Complex Module

– Kaomagi Vengeance System Module


  • Kaomagi Magic System Module


Nameless World Under the Ground Modules

  • NW Underground Human Species Module
  • NW Underground Dwarf Species Module
  • NW Underground Mutated Animal (Cave Monster) Species Complex Module
  • NW Underground Relic Object Module

Osianicd Archipelago Modules

  • Osianicd Archipelago Human Species Module
  • Osianicd Archipelago Mutated Animal (Sea Monster) Species Complex Module
  • Osianicd Archipelago Artifact Object Module

Qantasia Modules

  • Qantasia Human Species Module
  • Qantasia Half-Animal (Beastfolk) Species Complex Module
  • Qantasia Elf Species Module
  • Qantasia Magic System Module
  • Qantasia Magic Stone Object Module

Rakarok-Earth World Merge Modules

  • Rakarok-Earth World Merge Human Species Module
  • Rakarok-Earth World Merge Norse Mythology Complex Module

Spiri Raia

System Modules

Unless it is very unique, like the Manegia Maneg System Module (though it may be biased as it is similar to a Magic System Module, or a Spirit Art System Module if Maneg Souls are considered separate entities like spirits), System Modules will have a general name to avoid confusion. The actual name, if any, will still be written in parentheses.

Magic System: The use of Personal Skills by the user’s own power, typically using what was commonly called mana, usually spiritual life force, as cost.

Spirit Arts System: The use of Personal Skills through an entity, the ‘spirit,’ as a catalyst.