I will fill the worlds if they are the main focus on the currently written book.

To know more about how worlds are classified, read these chapters: More About the Otherworldly Court 3: Naming Conventions Part 2 – Worlds.

2/15 worlds filled.

8/13 Modules filled temporarily. To know about Modules read this chapter.

Alternate Earth Euracia


Beohar Modules

  • Beohar Human Species Module
  • Beohar Half-Animal (Half-Beost) Species Complex Module
  • Beohar Mutated Animal (Beost) Species Complex Module
  • Beohar Mist of No Return/Black Mist Object Module


Earth Base

Geron Yor Modules

  • Geron Yor Human (Yellow Deity’s Followers) Species Module
  • Geron Yor Acidic Green-Skinned Human (Green Deity) Species Complex Module {

– Geron Yor Acidic Green-Skinned Human (Green Deity) Species Module

– Geron Yor Acidic Green-Skinned Human (Spawn) Species Module


  • Geron Yor Magic System Module
  • Geron Yor Beacon Object Module
  • Geron Yor Yellow Steel Object Module
  • Geron Yor Green Line Object Module

Irona Modules

  • Irona Human Species Module
  • Irona Magic-Mutated Animal (Monster) Species Module
  • Irona Magic System Module
  • Irona Enchanted Equipment Object Module


Kaomagi Modules

  • Kaomagi Eria’s Children Species Complex Module {

– Kaomagi Animal (Half-Animal) Species Complex Module

– Kaomagi Elf Species Complex Module

– Kaomagi Human Species Module

– Kaomagi Dwarf Species Module

-Kaomagi Dragon (Dragon-Morph) Species Module


  • Kaomagi Vengeance Complex Module {

– Kaomagi Sentient Skeleton (Lord of Vengeance) Species Module

– Kaomagi Sentient Skeleton (Vengeful Remnant) Species Complex Module

– Kaomagi Vengeance System Module


  • Kaomagi Magic System Module


Nameless World Under the Ground Modules

  • NW Underground Human Species Module
  • NW Underground Dwarf Species Module
  • NW Underground Mutated Animal (Cave Monster) Species Complex Module
  • NW Underground Relic Object Module

Osianicd Archipelago Modules

  • Osianicd Archipelago Human Species Module
  • Osianicd Archipelago Mutated Animal (Sea Monster) Species Complex Module
  • Osianicd Archipelago Artifact Object Module

Qantasia Modules

  • Qantasia Human Species Module
  • Qantasia Half-Animal (Beastfolk) Species Complex Module
  • Qantasia Elf Species Module
  • Qantasia Magic System Module
  • Qantasia Magic Stone Object Module

Rakarok-Earth World Merge Modules

  • Rakarok-Earth World Merge Human Species Module
  • Rakarok-Earth World Merge Norse Mythology Complex Module

Spiri Raia Modules

  • Spiri Raia Human Species Module
  • Spiri Raia Body-less Soul (Spirit) Species Module
  • Spiri Raia Dragon (Cursed Dragon) Species Module
  • Spiri Raia Spirit Art System Module {

– Spiri Raia Spirit Art Request System Sub-Module

– Spiri Raia Spirit Art Talisman Object Sub-Module


System Modules

Unless it is very unique, like the Manegia Maneg System Module (though it may be biased as it is similar to a Magic System Module, or a Spirit Art System Module if Maneg Souls are considered separate entities like spirits), System Modules will have a general name to avoid confusion. The actual name, if any, will still be written in parentheses.

Magic System: The use of Personal Skills by the user’s own power, typically using what was commonly called mana, usually spiritual life force, as cost.

Spirit Arts System: The use of Personal Skills through an entity, the ‘spirit,’ as a catalyst.