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“Let’s start with the basics. Make a generic fireball. It should be easy. I’ll make an example its basically the same thing but its ice.”

Spells are called order because of its incantation.

“I command you, form sphere 30 centimeters in diameter from my left hand, travel at linear direction parallel to my left arm, thus is my order, level two:[Iceball]!”

A light blue ball 30 centimeters in diameter forms from his left hand. The ball of ice immediately shoots out from his hands pointing nowhere and gradually reduce in size every 2 seconds and dissapear completely after twenty seconds.


“Now the order starts with ‘I command you’ and the necessary steps and ends with ‘Thus is my order’ followed by the name of the order. In each step you need to completely specify what you want the Maneg to do and your Maneg Soul will do the job. Level two: [Iceball] take two steps consisting of one action and the amount of necessary parameter which are the size, direction, etc. Body gesture helps stating direction much easier, if you don’t want any gesture on your [Fireball] you’re gonna have to say the location of where the ball is formed and then the angle of the shot both horizontal and vertical. And finally, saying the name of the order at the end will tell the Maneg Soul the order name which will then remember it as you keep using it to the point where you can just say the name in your mind and the parameters and it’ll do its work. Also stuff like mentally imaging the order doesn’t exactly work, the Maneg Soul won’t have a clue how to simulate the image unless you show each step to that image which would then be the same thing.”

“Alright then, I’ll try then.”

“You can just say the order in your mind, no need to say it out loud.”

She points her right hand to the nothingness of the wasteland and weave together an order in her mind.

I command you, form sphere 30 centimeters from my right hand, travel at linear direction parallel to my right arm, thus is my order, level two: [Fireball]!

A bright ball of flame appears from her right hand and it shoots out in rapid speed. It soars through the wasteland without any signs of stopping unlike Owen’s.

“Its not stopping.”

“Is that not normal?”


Owen’s face looks bewildered and then over the horizon there was a spectacle of ice magic being ordered in succession. And the ball of flame is heading right towards it.

“Crap I think that’s Alice over!”

He then suddenly bends over and a burst of ice suddenly ejects from his feet launching him into the air chasing after the fireball.

“Ah… wait for me Owen!”

Alicia frantically chases him as he soared through the air ejecting more ice maneg to propel himself forward to take over the flaming ball heading towards the wizard named Alice.


10 giant needles of ice formed in a circular formation. One by one, the needles charge towards the ground at the same point rapidly. However two of the needles did not comply to its Wizard’s orders and simply stood there and disperse.

“Tch, another failure.”

Said the Wizard. She was a young girl, a nine year old girl with platinum blonde long hair tide to a ponytail fluttering in the air. She wore an ice-blue robe that covers her entire body and a hood. The back of it which has a symbol of a snowflake behind a shield, spear and a scale in front of it, all gold. Her light blue eyes and petite frame passes her as cute.

“Let’s try this again.”

As she was preparing another order she hears a male sound coupled with the sound of bursts of maneg.

“Alice! Watch out!”

“Huh? Owen is that you? Ah!”

A bright red sphere soaring through the air is what she saw. Heading straight towards her.

She hastily orders her maneg to form a protective barrier in front of her as it was too close to dodge. The maneg didn’t comply her order.

And this is where it ended when I switched to WattPad, then back here.

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