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If you’re wondering how the transporter works, here is how in a nutshell.

The transporter teleport whatever is in its radius on both sides to the other at the same time. The transporter is also designed to transport maneg too. Element doesn’t matter. The transporter at the court end is also equipped with a device that can regulate the amount of maneg floating on the transporter. In this way, the rule where maneg in one world must be constant can still be followed.


Year 299 AGP

Kaomagi is your typical fantasy world of swords and magic.

Humans, elves, dwarves, beastmen and the like coexist here.

However, in the southeast part of the world exists a dark lord who, every century, rises and attempts to destroy the world. Typical fantasy trope of a demon king trying to take over the world.

He was supposed to return by the year 300 AGP but, four years ago, his army suddenly spawned in the domain.

The Otherworldly Court took note of it within a day after one staff in the transporter monitored the world and noticed the army.

The leader of the army, however, was not resurrected.

After sending wizards to suppress the horde, the court then decided what to do with it.

The world was not ready to face the army until the mark of the next century and if the news that the army of the dark lord came, it would cause worldwide panic even if the dark lord has not been resurrected yet.

With the help of the church in that world, whose current leader the pope being the Guardian of the Mother Soul of Life, kept the information a secret.

It was decided that wizards would be holding the army off until the year 300 AGP hits.

Now, Alicia’s mission is to hold off another wave.

“Now then, the wave this time are a bunch of Skeleton Goblins,” Owen explained.

“Skeleton Goblins?”

“You know goblins right? Well, they’re that, but just the skeletal remains that gained sentience.”

Where Alicia and Owen are standing, was another wasteland not similar to the one before. However, the soil was dyed purple as if it were poisoned. Countless bones, swords, spears and the like scattered all over.

Perhaps it was Alicia’s Maneg Soul keeping her from getting too uncomfortable at this sight.

“Alicia. They’re coming.” Owen readied himself in a stance, revealing his hands under a light blue cloak that covered his entire body.

Alicia too was wearing a similar cloak given by the Fire Guardian, Aqua. It was bright red like fire and on its back was a black spear and shield with a white scale in front, the symbol of the Otherworldly Court. Owen too had that symbol on his cape.


Footsteps gradually getting louder and louder.

Alicia, however, was not nervous.

A trait of Court Wizards is that they can keep their calm even in the most dangerous situation they were thrust into.




Voices of the skeleton goblins can be heard.

They sounded like random gibberish but, Alicia could understand what they are saying. Except for the third one, that one is legit gibberish.

This too is another trait of the Maneg Soul. The Maneg Soul can somehow store languages and releases it to the Court Wizard’s brain with a full understanding of the language. The language needs to be learned by the Mother Soul and then applied to all Maneg Souls beforehand. Basically, Alicia can speak Skeleton Goblinese.



$%#& the #$%#$@#!”


The screams of the Skeleton Goblins get even louder. One of them even swore. Eventually, they revealed themselves.

They look exactly that, skeletons. No taller than children with completely dried white bones with no piece of flesh sticking into them. As to how they were able to move, just assume its magic. There was a crimson orb of light pulsing within their center of gravity.

There were about 22 of the skeleton goblins and most of them wore nothing.

There was one wearing a beat-up wooden helmet and that’s it.

15 of them carried clubs made out of bones. 5 carried bows. One carried a staff. The one wearing a helmet carried a sword out of carved bone.

They locked eyes (though they had none) on both Court Wizards. They started to scream even louder.


Kill! Kill!”

Desecrate their bodies!”

Kill #$%&@#$%&#$@#!”


The sword wielder pointed its sword to the wizards. The club wielders raised their clubs in the air and picked up speed. The archers took an arrow and readied their bows. The staff wielder got into a stance and softly muttering, a caster.


Owen took notice of the enemy mage and created a javelin of ice and threw it straight for it.


The javelin struck straight at the forehead of the unsuspecting Skeleton Goblin mage. Its chant was disrupted and it crumbled down like a ragdoll. Its crimson light had faded. The others, however, seems unfazed and continued the assault.

21 Skeleton Goblins left.



5 club Skeleton Goblins approached her. Alicia readied her hands.

Once they got to about 5 meters away from her.

So what to do!?

Eh…? You can speak with me here Voice?

Yep! Now please hurry! They are coming!

T-Then… [Fire Blast]! 90 degree angle!

Alrighty then!


In an instant, a blast of fire surged from her in a cone of 90 degree angle. The approaching skeletons clump together was torched all together by the sheer force of her flames. Their bodies were burned charcoal black and collapsed. Screams of “Grahh!” can be heard.

While other wizards needed to cast the same order multiple times for the Maneg Soul to understand the order and thus, instantly now what its vessel wanted just by simply thinking about the name of the order, Alicia uses loyal maneg and with the help of Voice, could memorize the order in an instant the order was first commanded.

Loyal maneg, return!

The flames stopped in motion and retreats to their master as if time was reversed.

She saw the aftermath of her doing. She felt nothing.

16 Skeleton Goblins left.



She then turned to look at Owen facing off the rest of the club wielders.

Two of them were already down. The bones are shattered all over the ground. Their bones were ice blue. They were frozen.

It was just like how Owen did to Alicia’s kidnappers. However, they were not similar.

Owen merely put a layer of ice up to their heads on the latter. The former was completely frozen top to bottom.

14 Skeleton Goblins left.


Then an arrow struck the ground beneath Alicia. The archers were shooting arrows at her.

Four more arrows are heading towards her.

Put a barrier!

G-Got it! [Fire Barrier]! 1.6m length, 0.5m width!

A rectangle covering her front emerged in front of her.


It blocked the arrows like it was shooting a brick wall.

She ordered the loyal maneg to returned and then ordered a [Fireball].

[Fireball]! 30cm diameter!


A ball of fire soared through the air. It crashed into an unsuspecting archer and another behind it. This does not startle the others and kept shooting their arrows. This time on Owen.

Loyal maneg, return!

12 Skeleton Goblins left.

Three more Skeleton Goblins are frozen by Owen. This time, Alicia sees what Owen did.

Owen gracefully dodged every attack, he touched one of them. The ones that were touched slowly have its bones turned blue from the point of touch, its torso.


Frozen completely, crashed into the ground on momentum, bones shattered.

8 Skeleton Goblins left.

Three arrows came to him. They missed. He threw a javelin of ice on one of them.


A direct hit to the skull.

7 Skeleton Goblins left.


Alicia also threw another [Fireball] at this point. It crashed to the archer beside the other that was killed by Owen’s javelin.

6 Skeleton Goblins left.

Four club Skeleton Goblins surrounded Owen. They are trying to beat Owen down at the same time.


A discharge of ice maneg from all direction of Owen surged out violently. The Skeleton Goblins have been knocked away. They also started to freeze.

They crashed fully frozen too.


Owen had also thrown another javelin at the last archer.

1 Skeleton Goblins left.


The last Skeleton Goblins who wields a sword charged at Alicia.

This guy looks very powerful! Use something powerful!

Like what?

A bigger [Fireball] obviously!

A-Alright then… [Fireball]! 1m diameter!


A much larger fireball came out of Alicia’s right hand.

The sword Skeleton Goblins tried to dodge the oncoming flame. It was too big to fully evade it. The sword goblin skeleton was grazed by the left half of its body. The sword goblin skeleton collapsed with half of its bones turned dark.

All Skeleton Goblins defeated.

The battle is over.



“Alicia. There are more coming.”

Or so she thought as more groups of Skeleton Goblins are marching through the violet wasteland.

This is going to be a long day!


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