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Year 483

Beohar, the land of man and beast.

An entire mass of land with no sea. The entire world is surrounded by an unknown force keeping the inhabitants from venturing out.

The land was harsh, many dangerous beasts roam the land. Beasts that are like earth animals but larger and more dangerous.

There rests the largest volcano called mount Vulgis that Owen froze after some idiot thought it was a good idea to perform some ritual to erupt it early to destroy an enemy kingdom.

Since then, Vulgis is now known as The Frozen Volcano Vulgis.

The world of Beohar now knows the wizards of the Otherworldly Court and the person who frozen the largest volcano of Beohar.

It was two weeks since Alicia’s first mission. During Saturdays and Sundays, Alicia has been taught the general stuff the court does.

Alicia learned how to use [Telepathy] that can be done simply by putting two fingers around the area behind her ears and send a message to another wizard by gauging their Maneg Soul. Initially, there was a concern whether she could pull this off using loyal maneg as [Telepathy] uses disloyal maneg. She was able to do it without a problem. The loyal maneg immediately returned after transmitting the message.

The second method of [Telepathy] is to simply think [Telepathy] with the difference with the first method is that the first method is like a phone call while the other is sending a text message.

The mission this time is to secretly escort a carriage carrying a diplomat of the Vulgis kingdom for peace talks, the kingdom underneath the frozen volcano.

The manager of a Bell Conglomerate branch in Beohar received a tipoff that some noble, in Palras empire, the empire that was responsible for the eruption of mount Vulgis, sent ‘bandits’ to ambush and kill the diplomat.

Alicia, James, Jill, Richard, Rose, and Owen were assigned to this mission.

Originally, only Alicia and Owen were tasked, but Rose and Jill wanted to join and each dragged James and Richard respectively. Not sure why Jill brought Richard in it.

Alicia, Rose, and Jill are following the carriage at its right flank while the rest of the boys at the left. The carriage is in between two forests on both sides over a large distance. This is where the wizards are hiding.

They are to discreetly eliminate any ‘bandits’ from getting close to the carriage without the passengers knowing.

That does mean they have to kill them to which Alicia was uncomfortable of. This is something that she was worry of.

She understands that this is something that she has to do as a Court Wizard. Even so, she is still not ready for it.

She also wonders if Owen ever killed someone. She perished the thought immediately.

She is unsure whether she could cope with it.

However, the Otherworldly Court is quite lenient in these sorts of things. Killing people is not forced upon.

For one, Crea was one of the Court Wizards who had never killed any intelligent being in the entirety of her service.

Besides, Alicia’s father forbids her from killing anybody for now. He didn’t want her to bear the guilt of murder at a young age.

But, what Alicia has to bear with is watching her co-workers kill. Court Wizards who wouldn’t kill will have to accept working with another that will do it for them.

Crea, who is a complete pacifist, frequently works with Hanz, who essentially is a ‘shoot everything that moves’ type of Court Wizard.

Right now, they are quietly following the carriage surrounded by 10 guards in metal armor on horseback.

“Why are we secretly killing the ‘bandits’. Is there a significance of the diplomats of not knowing?” Alicia inquired.

Right now, Alicia was wearing a hooded brown robe that covered her entire body which was given to her unlike the red robe before. She was also donning a metallic mask covering her entire face.

Rose answered her question. She was also wearing a similar outfit that Alicia wore. Her broken left leg was also reinforced with her loyal maneg.

“First of all, let none witness you should you not belong there. The first rule of the Rules of Engagement. We are not from this world. We cannot let them see us.”

The Rules of Engagement are procedures Court Wizards follow during missions. There are ten of these said rules.

“Which is why we wore these?”

“Correct.” Jill praised. Also donning a similar garb.

In the court, Alicia was trained to recognize ‘specific frequencies’ of Maneg Soul. This allowed her to know who is who. In this way, she could identify which one is Rose and Jill under their matching garb.

“The red cloak, which was for ceremonial use, you were given before was because there was not a brown robe and mask that fit you at the moment,” Rose explained. “We use these robes for missions.”

“Owen wore his cloak,” Alicia commented.

“He must have forgotten his robe then,” Rose answered.

“Well, the robe is to have multiple wizards in the same color to prevent enemies from knowing our elements at a glance. It is fine to use the cape when fighting less intelligent adversaries.” Jill commented.

“Furthermore, it is also regarding the diplomat himself,” Rose continued.

“What about him?” Alicia asked.

“To put it simply, he is a prodigy but immature.”

“A prodigy but immature?”

“And a good detective. The bandits are sent by an influential noble who didn’t want the diplomat to arrive in his country. The bandits in question are men serving the noble and that is the problem.”

“Why is that?”

“It is a trend in all the worlds the Otherworldly Court traveled that bandits who are men from a noble tend to have these four habits:

“1. They ambush their targets in the most safest roads.

“That diplomat will find it suspicious if they coincidentally got attacked in the most safest route that day.

“2. They kept a soldier’s battle formation.

“Bandits do not keep a formation, they are a bunch of barbarians. The diplomat will notice it.

“3. They tried to attack a well-guarded carriage carrying an important individual.

“Normal bandits would not dare to attack a well-guarded carriage since it would mean a high number of casualties on their side.

“4. They are even using noble equipment!”

“I see. But then why is it important for the diplomat to not deduce the attack coming from a noble?”

“Well… I first should tell you about the people in the carriage. Do you know the term ‘beastmen’?”

“I believe you mean people with animal ears and tail like in Japanese light novel?”

“Yes, exactly that.”

“Then the Vulgis kingdom is a country of beastmen?”

“That is correct. The Otherworldly Court used the term ‘half-animal’. I suppose we could not see their features since they are wearing helmets.”

“And humans and half-animals hate each other.”

“Precisely, the former for their similarities to beasts that roam the land killing humans and the latter for the bad treatment they received.”

“So, then the reason for the attack is simple discrimination?”


“Quite disgusting,” Jill commented.

“Then that means that if the half-animal diplomat figured that the ambush is from a noble who is also human, given his rash personality, he might jeopardize the talks for peace?”

“Yes, and we do not want that,” Rose explained. “We will need to find the ‘bandits’ ahead of time and kill them before the carriage arrives at their ambush point so they would not hear our fight.”

“Ladies, we have found our adversaries. Conversation in [Telepathy].” Jill warned with a lack of expression.

Combat begins. All emotions suppressed.

“Quickly eliminate them, we do not want the people in the carriage to spot us fighting,” Rose said.

“I detect 15 heat signatures,” Jill reported while closing her eyes. What Jill did is an order called [Thermal Scan], it scan for heat signatures over a range depending on efficiency. A specialty of the fire wizards. “They are in formation just as you said, Rose.”

“Alright then, I will take six of them, you take on the other six, Alicia, you will incapacitate the remaining three. We will need to interrogate them.”

“I understand.”

The ‘bandits’ were composed of five sword and shield wielders, five spearmen and five archer maintaining somewhat a formation of 5×3 in that order, inside a dense forest.

They were dressed in a green cloak and their equipment was of high quality, something that actual bandits shouldn’t have.

Rose and Jill both lifted their right arm. Particles of loyal maneg began to converge under their hands.

In Rose’s hands, a long pole half her height with a red spearhead on the tip. A red cloth with a very intricate design covering most of the pole. The other end where Rose held the weapon was crooked like a cane.

A parasol.

In Jill’s hand, a spear with a fiery design on the pole. About the same height as its wielder. The spearhead is in constant flame.

These are called Cherished Armaments. Loyal maneg involuntarily possess objects that bear significant towards the Court Wizard, before and after becoming one. It wraps and modifies the object to become battle-worthy, another way to protect its vessel. They are stored within the Maneg Soul and can be called upon at any time.

Because Cherished Armaments are objects of significance, it is named after the reason it is important to the person.

Jill’s Cherished Armament is the treasured heirloom of the Speris, masters of the spear. Because of this, it is called [Speris Heirloom].

Let us go. (Rose)

“We are almost at the position. The other group should arrive by now.” One ‘bandit’, who was in the first row, said. “Once the carriage arrives, we strike.”

Just as the ‘bandit’ finished his sentence, there was a brown figure blocking their way.

“Huh? Who are you?” The ‘bandit’ asked.


The brown figure simply brandished a red spear.

“Gah! Enemy atta-”


A flash of red interrupted his speech. A red trail from left to right by their necks.


Five heads rolled the ground.

Jill had ordered [Eject] to quickly dash to their left flank and then again through them while beheading the first row with her spear.

10 ‘bandits’ left.


She was not done however, she ordered [Fire Javelin] and threw it to the chest of one archer in the back row. The archer fell down, dead.

9 ‘bandits’ left.


The ‘bandits’ were not given time to react as Rose imbued her parasol with fire maneg and launched it straight to the second row of ‘bandits’. The burning parasol pierced through the second row by their torsos like butter leaving only a gruesome charred remain.

4 ‘bandits’ left.


Rose quickly dashed to the nearest archer and called back her armament and stabbed the archer in the chest. The archer stood no chance.

3 ‘bandits’ left.

I order you, coat set trigger left hand, coat set trigger right hand, coat set trigger left foot, trigger: on contact attach form hollow sphere 50 cm diameter, do not transfer heat, oxidize inner hollow sphere, thus is my order, [Burning Fist].

Coming right up!

Alicia set her hands and one foot in flames.

[Burning Fist] could be said to be a unique Order, after years of modification to the order, passed down through the Bell family of Court Wizards. This Order was something that Alicia’s father taught her.

Where ‘coat’ is the command to wrap maneg to a part of a person or object.

‘Set trigger’ which goes with ‘coat’ marks this step to activate a ‘trigger’ step on contact with part imbued with ‘coat’.

The ‘trigger’, ‘attach form’ sphere x diameter was the unique step that makes the individuality of [Burning Fist].

Fire is the rapid oxidation of a material in an exothermic chemical process called combustion. The conversion of oxygen into carbon dioxide releases energy which causes fire to be hot. Fire maneg is an Element of maneg that emulates oxidation by eating up real oxygen in the environment to light itself on fire. By default, fire maneg oxidize moderately, the command ‘oxidize’ makes them oxidize all available oxygen, the opposite of the command will make the fire maneg into a lump of rock as it doesn’t oxidize.

‘Attach’ cause the hollow sphere to become attached to the point of contact.

But the thing is, [Burning Fist] is a lethal Order. It’s supposed to attach fire maneg to an unfortunate soul and burn them to death. So Alicia modified it.

Instead, punching someone in the face would create a spherical plane attached to their head that follows the head movement and oxidizes all oxygen inside into carbon dioxide and also the oxygen coming into the sphere. Also, the hollow sphere is commanded to not transfer heat so it would not burn the ‘bandits’.

As a result, the victim would fall unconscious due to lack of oxygen. Putting more steps by adding more ‘coat trigger’ to other body parts would prolong the effect and risk of death by suffocation if it lasts long. Though in Alicia’s case, it would last indefinitely. She would have to immediately return the loyal maneg.

Alicia was ready to fight the remaining enemies with her bare fists.

Before Alicia became a wizard, she was taught a variety of martial arts by her father to defend herself against anybody who would want to harm her, Owen was forced to do it too. She had proper training.

Ronald had also wanted to give her a taser or a pepper spray but she couldn’t bring it to school and Alicia herself said that it was too overboard.


With three archers left, Alicia jabbed the first with her left hand at the jaw.


Then, a right hook to the second.

Two archers tumbled to the ground with their faces singed. They did not have a sturdy build and the dense forest didn’t allow them a solid footing causing them to lose balance and fell after being struck by Alicia.

Then, the effect of the orders kicked in. The two archers were soon knocked out due to oxygen deprivation.

2 ‘bandits’ incapacitated. 1 ‘bandit’ left.

The last ‘bandit’, being the only one to be able to react to the situation, found himself in the middle of the corpses of his colleagues.


Before he could do anything, the brown-clad figure who had just killed (that’s what he thinks anyway) two of his comrades in front of him did a high kick to his jaw.

He lost his balance and fell down. Then, when he gasped for air, it felt like fire burning his lungs. He fell unconscious soon after.

Loyal maneg, return.

3 ‘bandits’ incapacitated.

The ambush was over. Emotions returned.

Alicia opened her mask, then clasped her mouth with her right hand. Her left hand was pushing against a tree.

The sight of the gruesome aftermath almost made her vomit.

“Are you alright, Alicia?” Rose beckoned to her worried at her experience of seeing her friends kill for the first time.

“Y-Yes, I am fine,” Alicia reassured her. “I need to breathe for a little bit after looking at what we have done.”

“I suppose we have done more than necessary.”

“True, but we had to be quick or otherwise the half-animals would see us fighting,” Jill said.

“Yeah! That was fast!” Voice commented as she went out of Alicia.

“But you broke the surprise! You just stand in front of them!” Voice complained.

“I-I am a knight, ambushes are not my style.” Jill excused. Arms crossed and cheeks puffed.

Guys, we’re done here. You? (Owen)

A [Telepathy] came from Owen to all three women. Rose answered it.

“Alright, we will need to dispose of these bodies so the half-animals would not pick up the scent,” Rose ordered.

“Eeew!” Voice complained.

“Bear with it.”

“What about these three?” Alicia asked, pointing at the three unconscious men.

“We will bring them to the court to interrogate them of evidence to pin their master’s crime which we can then secretly present it to the Palras emperor to take care of the noble.”

“Alright, I understand.”

They covered the blood with dirt and brought the corpses over a distance a burned them.

This time, Alicia vomited.

Thus was Alicia’s second mission.

Name: Rose Bloodlight
Age: 221
Sex: Female
Species: Sharp-teethed human (Vampire)
World: Arknoir
Element: Fire
Element Color: Red
Cherished Armament: ??? (parasol), ???
Rank: Grand Wizard

Name: Jillianis Speris
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Species: Human
World: Irongrad
Element: Fire
Element Color: Red
Cherished Armament: Speris Heirloom (Spear)
Rank: Wizard

an: because Cherished Armaments are named based on the reason that it is cherished, it will pretty much spoil character backstories. So, Rose’s CA’s name is hidden until revealed. Jill’s CA, however, is shown since it’s just an heirloom.


[Thermal Scan] an order unique to Fire Court Wizards.

Order: Scan heat signature over x distance

[Telepathy] an order to send a telepathic message to other Court Wizards. Order is pulled off by simply put two fingers near the area around the back of the ear, thinking of the message and send it to a Court Wizard. Think of [Telepathy] if one cannot perform the hand gesture.


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