(Current) End of the Five, Twenty-Three, and Twenty-Nine Years Story 1

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  • Five, Twenty-Three, Twenty-Nine Years
  • 5, 23, 29

“Dad? I think I got a really bad fever, why do I still feel fine?”

“I feel cold…”

Five years ago, Owen lost his father to the unknown. But that wasn’t the beginning of the story.

Maybe it began twenty-three years ago when Ronald Bell and Joshua Ruze saved the Illyer family.

Or perhaps, it all started twenty-nine years ago, when Ronald, the son of the wealthiest merchant, became a Court Wizard.

This story is split into two ‘Collections,’ Ronald’s Collection and Owen’s Collection, each centering around those Court Wizards.

Currently in Ronald’s Collection.

2nd book written of the Wizards of the Otherworldly Court series.

Read book ‘Alicia‘ before this.

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Ronald’s Collection

Memory 1: Meetings

Chapter 1: The Return to Spiri Raia

Chapter 2: Background Checking a Duke

Interlude 1: Bunch of Experiments 3

Memory 2: Bonding

Chapter 3.1: Meeting the Duke – Contact

Chapter 3.2: Meeting the Duke – Initial

Chapter 3.3: Meeting a Duke – Confusion

Chapter 3.4: Meeting a Duke – Agreement

Chapter 3 Interlude: During Breakfast and After

Memory 3: For the Good of the World 1

Chapter 4.1: Protecting the Duke from Assassins – Thoughts

Chapter 4.2: Protecting the Duke from Assassins – Attempt

Chapter 4.3: Protecting the Duke from Assassins – Story

Chapter 4.4: Protecting the Duke from Assassins – Want

Chapter 4.5: Protecting the Duke from Assassins – Remember