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“What was that!?”

Alicia shouted.

“I think that was Hans throwing [Explosion] over there.”

Owen comments as a giant explosion rises up over the distance.

“And there goes the [Missiles].”





“Anyways, welcome to the Training Grounds.”

“What do you mean by that? Its a wasteland all over here!”

She was right. Everything around them is completely desolate. The ground is entirely ashes and there are many large holes including the [Mini Nuke] and [Missiles] the wizard named Hans set off. It was a stark contrast to the Otherworldly Court building behind them.

The building behind them is that of a three-story castle similar to an ice palace made by a princess (though she should be a queen by that time) in a movie whose studio that made it had a mouse for its mascot. It was surrounded by a moat though there are no walls surrounding the castle. Alicia and Owen passed through the western bridge and into the Training Ground (wasteland).

“Well its supposed to be a site of a huge battle which made the place completely wasted. Afterwards, the Court decided to make it more of a wasteland by making the whole area the spot where we can throw whatever order we want on it. It got a sound barrier around it so no sound will come out of it.”

“I see…”

“Right, for your training I’ll start by explaining to you what the ‘foreign object’ is making itself home inside our souls.”

The “foreign object” is called a Maneg Soul. Maneg is the magic source of Court Wizard which name is an abbreviation of Mana Energy. It has the word energy in its name due to its nature.

Maneg exist in all world that are come across. Technically when maneg enters a world for the first time, it gets filled with it. Like energy, ones a world gets filled with maneg the amount of it cannot change. Maneg cannot be created nor destroyed. Like energy, it can only change. Maneg inside a Wizard is included in one worlds maneg supply.

On that subject, what happens if a Wizard tries to cross worlds? Then all maneg inside will instantly leave the Wizard the moment he crosses. This is what happens to Owen’s father. However, the Court managed to create a transfer device that could get around that problem. That would be explained later.

Maneg exists in 11 different elements: life, light, water, lightning, ice, air, nature, earth, fire, dark and death. Each of the elements maneg takes makes it so that the maneg’s properties is that of the element. For example, a maneg with water attribute haves the properties of a liquid. How maneg change its element depends on its environment its in. To turn into a fire maneg, it would need to exposed itself in fire. The maneg would slowly take its properties as fire. To become air however, it would need to be continuously get buffeted by wind. Also, a Maneg Soul can only be one element.

“Wait, since I can use fire magic that means my Maneg Soul is fire correct? Then, I have fire Maneg in my body and since it took fire properties it should be on fire. That would mean I would be constantly on fire?”

“I’ll explain that. Its the theory on the structure of maneg.”

“Its structure?”

“Basically, maneg has two parts. An inner core and a shell. The inner core houses the elemental properties and the shell keeps the inside separated form the environment.”

“I do not understand?”

“Think of it as a plastic bottle of water.”


“The plastic bottle itself is the shell. It makes sure the water inside, the inner core, not leaking out. Does that make sense?”

“I think I can understand that.”

“Alright speaking of that I can explain what Maneg Soul is.”

A Maneg Soul is a mass of Maneg of one element that is very concentrated that it is its own organism. Now the lifespan of such thing is really short. About a day or so.

“Wait so then-“

“It is why it would merge with our souls.”

The act of merging with the host’s soul allows it to live longer, for as long as the host lives.

“So then that would mean it wanted to live longer?”

“Precisely. And its also why it gives us these powers. To keep us alive longer.”

When a Maneg Soul enters ones soul, it will begin to merge with it. Time is taken to merge with the target in which by that time its one day lifespan is prolonged. How long it takes depends on the target soul. Also in the process the host would feel abnormalities in their body but never actually there like how Alicia felt her body heating up but shows 37 degree Celsius on the thermometer over the course of the week.

Once it is merged the composition of the entire soul is changed.

One, the life force of the soul is turned into Maneg. Life force is what would be called HP in video game terms. Meaning all the spells a wizard casts is literally expending ones life.

Does that mean if you used up all of your Maneg reserve you die? Well no, obviously.

Maneg Soul is composed of two types of Maneg. The normal Maneg that you can find in the atmosphere and loyal maneg. Loyal maneg is the biological-ish Maneg of the Maneg Soul. It does not follow the normal maneg law and as it is said, loyal to the wizard. It will never leave the wizard. As to be able to use you can but that is a topic for another day.

“Now then, I’ve covered the outline lets start your training.”


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