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Where do Maneg Souls come from? Why a bigger Maneg soul called Mother Soul of course.

Now, where does a Mother Soul come from?

Unfortunately, nobody knows.

Records of the Otherworldly Court forming dated back around 300 years ago in this world called Manegia (go figure) and the existence of this world goes back a thousand years further. Not much is known about the history of Maneg as about 200 years ago, an incident occurred in the court that caused most documents destroyed. The only thing that is known is that before the Otherworldly Court was founded, Mother Souls exists outside of a Court Wizard. Then at some point it became damaged in which if it was destroyed, all Maneg Souls of that Mother Soul’s element dies too, all Court Wizards of that element dies. And it is there it found a solution. It creates a particularly strong Maneg Soul that merges with a person with the Mother Soul beside it.

If a soul is like a glass of water. The Maneg Soul would be coloring that merges with the water. The Mother Soul would be a container of coloring dropped into the water. Those who carry the source of Maneg Souls are called ‘Guardians’.

When a Guardian dies, the Mother Soul would leave the deceased Guardian and makes another Maneg Soul and search for another vessel. In this way, the Mother Soul would be protected.

“Wait,” Alicia stopped. “Alice introduced herself as the Guardian of the Mother Soul of Ice.”

“That’s right, Alice is the Ice Guardian. That makes her my direct superior.” Owen answered bluntly.

“Really? She is so young…”

“Anything can happen here. Try not to make a fuss about it.”

“I understand.”

Now, Alicia is about to meet the guardian of the fire Mother Soul. One of the leaders of the Otherworldly Court.

Owen led her to the center part of the castle that is a cross-shaped hallway made of marble, something that would be in a 5-star hotel. There was a wide spiral staircase leading to the upper part of the castle. The staircase was a crystal-like transparent structure that reflected the rays of the light above. A blue-crystal colored pillar stood in the middle of the spiraling staircase for support.

The two went to the right and into an elevator on one wall of the hallway.

The castle of the Otherworldly Court consists of 3 floors. Each floor unnecessarily tall, tall enough for two stories with the exception for the third. The first is where the general business is done. World transporter, the massive courtroom, infirmary, and so on. The second floor is the quarters for guardians. 11 chambers for each Element. One huge balcony for the twelve. Although each of the eleven chambers has its balconies. The third floor is the observatory. Not much purpose other than being a decoration.

It is the second story that they went to.

Each room is arranged in this order starting from the right side of the huge balcony: life, light, water, lightning, ice, air, nature, earth, fire, dark, and death.

It is the fire chamber that Alicia and Owen went into.

Owen simply opened the single door made of wood with a fire symbol on it and a paper stuck with tape saying ‘Fire Guardian’s room’. The chambers are meant to be an apartment room for the guardians to live in if they were to live in Manegia.

It is a wide room with a big desk, a bed beside it, a closet, a fridge, a simple kitchen, a red carpet in the middle that is slightly burnt, a slightly singed sofa.

“No one else here today, master?” Owen called for the Fire Guardian.

“Yes, its unusually quiet today,” she replied.

The Fire Guardian was 170 cm tall. A middle-aged woman with a slender physique. She has a long wavy red hair that looks like it’s on fire, glowing red eyes that would pierce you through your heart. Around her are red circular shaped fluid floating about her red glowing skin. In the Otherworldly Court, people like her are called bodiless souls, aka spirits.

“This is the Guardian to the Mother Soul of Fire,” Owen explained. “Say hello, Alicia.”

“Hello,” Alicia greeted. “Uhm… what should I call you?”

“Usually, you call guardians ‘master’,” the spirit explained. “But we don’t care about it. Anyways, call me Aqua.”

“Alright then, hello Aqua.”

Wait. Owen said they are called spirits. If she is a fire spirit then…

“By the way, Master Aqua is a water spirit,” Owen commented.

“Eh!? Then why does she…”

“I know right?” Aqua chuckled. “The Mother Soul who gives birth to fire Maneg Souls decided its a good idea to take me, a water spirit as its vessel. Also, the reason my body is red is because of a side effect of my Maneg Soul due to me being a spirit.”

Aqua put both hands to her waist. “Every Fire Court Wizard mistakes me for a fire spirit. It’s quite funny seeing their faces after realizing this,” she continued.

“Hey,” Owen interrupted. “Enough chit-chat. Fill her ID please.”

“Whoa! Chill, Owen.”

“Yeah! Chill! Owen!”

“No one asked you to come out Voice! Get back inside!” he grabbed the pixie that came out and threw her back into Alicia.

“Wait!” Aqua exclaimed. “I also want to meet this ‘Voice’!”

“Ugh…! Can we get this over with…”

Name: Alicia Bell
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Species: Human
World: Kaomagi Earth
Element: Fire
Element Color: Red
Cherished Armaments: -
Rank: New Wizard

A red tablet was presented to Alicia. It had a text bearing Alicia’s information in a white color engraved into it.

“Alright,” Aqua said. “With this, now I just need to send you guys off.”

“Should you explain what this thing is?” Owen asked rhetorically.

“Oh… Fine…”

The first four should be obvious.

For the World, it is the world where the Court Wizard is borne in.

“Then what is this ‘Kaomagi’ in it?” Alicia asked.

“That’s because there’s a lot of worlds with the same name called ‘Earth’,” Aqua explained. “So, we have to differentiate it.”

Element is an element of the Court Wizard and Element Color is the color of the maneg of the Court Wizard as an Element doesn’t have one color. It can be different.

Cherished Armaments are weapons based on objects holding a significance to the Court Wizard. The loyal maneg possess such objects, modifying them to be suited for combat. The Cherished Armaments are then stored inside the Maneg Soul and can be summoned for battle. Since Alicia does not have a Cherished Armament, it’s written “-“.

Finally, Rank is the ranking of the Court Wizard. The order is from the lowest: New Wizard, Wizard, Grand Wizard, Duke or Duchess.

Guardians are also subjected to this though they will be a bit higher than the fourth rank once they’re there.

“I see…” Alicia pondered for a bit and then Aqua suddenly chuckled.

“Forgive me,” the Fire Guardian apologized. “You really looked like your mother, you have your mother’s blue eyes. Only that your hair is bright red hair instead of blonde and…”

The water spirit looked down around Alicia’s chest area. This caused Alicia to have question marks floating above her head.

“Never mind about that.” Aqua shook it off.

Alicia was confused by her action but shook it off. “How do you know my mother?” she asks.

“That is because your mother and I are from the same world.”

“Huh? Really?”

“Yes,” Aqua mused. “The world your mother and I are from is called ‘Spiri Raia’. It is a world governed by spirits, where humans there asked for the spirits to lend their power to do great things. There are four types of spirits: water, fire, earth, and wind. Each type of spirits are governed by their greater spirit. Incidentally, I am the greater water spirit.”

“So you lead the water spirits in Spiri Raia correct?”

“Correct!” Then the greater water spirit sighed. “I existed before the Otherworldly Court do. I have seen what Court Wizards do in Spiri Raia. I did hear your father’s ‘stunt’ of saving the Illyer family. I was occupied with something else so I am thankful for what your father did, I was quite fond of them you know.”

“I see…”

“That was twenty-three years ago and then eight years later I became the Fire Guardian…”


“Well, enough of that. I as the Fire Guardian will teach you about the Otherworldly Court with your mentor, Owen. I will also give out missions whenever your ready and will report to me. We, Guardians, have to at least show up here every day so you should be able to find me. Now that I have explained everything, for now, it’s time to send you off to your first mission.”


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