General Information

Full name: Alicia Emilia Bell (Kaomagi Earth), Alicia al Emilia Bell (Spiri Raia)

Date of Birth: 25-07-2002 (Kaomagi Earth), 25-07-1405 (Manegia)

World of Birth: Kaomagi Earth

Sex: Female

Species: Human

Era: Modern

Father: Ronald Bell

Mother: Irene Bell

Nicknames: –

Titles: Elusive Lady of the Bell Conglomerate

Physical Characteristic

Height: 160cm (Recruited)

Hair: Long Red

Eye Color: Blue

Skin Tone: Light

Typical Outfit: Bell Academy Uniform (white buttoned shirt, red blazer, red skirt), Vary

Other Features: Noble Speech Style, Afraid of dogs

Court Wizard Profile

Element: Fire

Element Color: Red

Cherished Armaments: –

Rank: Wizard

Uniqueness: Use of Vague Orders at will titled [Mundane Ordering], and [Avatar]

Achievement: –

Alignment: Yielder-Shield

Service: 1421-???

Efficiency: 100%

Composition: 0% disloyal, 100% loyal

Personal Skills: –

Order Preference: Order vaguely, as her Orders are under [Mundane Ordering], exploiting the lack of need for considering balancing Time Interval with maneg usage, just the latter.

Modules: Manegia Maneg System Module, Kaomagi Human Species Module, Kaomagi Magic System Module, Spiri Raia Human Species Module, Spiri Raia Spirit Arts System Module

Mentor: Owen Willows Ruze

Junior: ???

Original Orders

  • [Mundane Ordering] (Vague Order)
  • [Avatar] (Vague Order)
  • [Burning Fist] (inherited and modified Order)

Brief Description

Alicia Emilia Bell is the 4th leader of the Bell Conglomerate. Raised ignorant of the Otherworldly Court due to her father’s wish, after a minor setback, she inevitably became a Fire Court Wizard, mentored by Owen Ruze.

She is the first Court Wizard to have 100% efficiency in Orders and a 100% composition of loyal maneg. This also means she has no resistance against indirect attacks which causes her trouble in her third mission. Afterwards, Amelia Rickens crafted a Catalyst to address the problem, as well as an attack Catalyst.

With the state of her Maneg Soul, all of Alicia’s Orders are Vague Orders as she can only use loyal maneg. After ordering Vague Orders as if it were a traditional one for a few months, she has since then ordered vaguely, making full use of her abilities as a Fire Court Wizard and even mastering it in ways no other Court Wizard has been able to in her time. Her ability to order vaguely is classified under the Vague Order [Mundane Ordering].

Also, her Maneg Soul has developed a personality that is represented in the form of a pixie named Voice, which took up 30% loyal maneg, as she proclaimed when projected outside of her master. Voice has shown an attitude of mischievousness and liked calling other Court Wizards nicknames.

Alicia has a warm, calm personality and is good with children as she frequently goes to orphanages with Owen. She has also shown a good sense of open-mindedness which was important for a Court Wizard during missions or otherwise. However, she also adopts a calculative and shrewd, snarky merchant attitude fit for her occupation.

But initially, she had a tendency to accept missions that damages her mental state and eventually broke down. After her eighth mission, she chose to act as a logistical support being the fourth ‘elusive’ leader behind the Bell Conglomerate Branches and only accepting certain missions. Update: perhaps being free from offensive fieldwork, Alicia has to date installed more Bell Branches than her predecessors combined.

Her acceptance of doing what’s necessary yet condemning it inside her heart lands her the Yielder-Shield stance.

By the way, being a Bell means she is also a huge cheapskate.

The main character in Alicia where she also first appear in.

All appearances.

Character Poem

O fair maiden
How your everyday has withered
Your peaceful, mundane life shattered
Your eyes to existence you know is no more

But worry not little girl
For ‘they’ will assist you
Never abandoning
You will find friends there

But how shall your pure heart not waver
For what ‘they’ do
You shall hate it
Yet the bonds with them makes you stay

Tread between choices, woman
One or many
Vengeance or forgiveness
The spear or the shield

So grasp your inner self, Alicia
With I, within your soul
I, who has taken its place in you
Granting the eternal flame

That takes your soul, not by your will

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