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an: this will be an important piece of ‘science’ about maneg. Labeling it a More about the Otherworldly Court would mean some people skipping over this chapter as a ‘bunch of trivia’.

It’s Sunday, the fire chamber was empty save for Alicia (plus Voice) and Aqua. Jill was in Irongrad doing her business related to this particular day of the week. Rose had other business.

“Alicia,” Aqua said. “Please call Rin, what I am going to teach you this time will be very important and useful. I do not trust Pierre to explain it to her properly.”

“You called me, Master Aqua?” Rin asked, closing the door behind her.

“Yes, come sit down.” Aqua beckoned her to the couch. “Cookies?”

“Thank you!”

Rin sat down beside Alicia and took a piece of cookie from a plate in which a red pixie sat on it, munching the contents of the plate.

“Alright, this is very important, listen closely.”

A world is governed by two Laws: Scientific and Fantasy.

What are Laws? They are the rules of how phenomenon works in worlds. An apple falls down when it was dropped from a height, that is a Scientific Law, specifically the physics law of gravitation.

Scientific Laws are the summed up laws of physics, biology, chemistry, whatever put together in one name for convenience.

Fantasy Law are mostly the magic system of the world, fantasy creatures and the like are put into this category. This Law, however, is quite confusing from world to world.

Scientific Laws are exactly the same in every world encountered. Even the most absurd worlds heed to the same Law like every other world. Fantasy Law, however, is a different story.

Like how magic system differs from world to world, Fantasy Laws at its whole are different in each world. A world could have a Fantasy Law that made resurrection as simple as opening a can of beans and then there are worlds whose Fantasy Law permits no such thing. It’s quite volatile.

“All right,” Aqua took a sip from her tea (don’t ask how a water spirit drinks tea). “Now I will explain why we categorize worlds as Scientific or Fantasy.”

As you can imagine, Scientific Law and Fantasy Law don’t mix like oil and water. There are exceptions to it of course. But generally, both Laws don’t like the other existing.

What happens is that both Laws assert ‘dominance’ over the other. The more ‘element’ of Scientific Law than Fantasy Law, that makes a world ‘Scientific’ and vice versa. In the case a world has both Laws in equal terms or even the rarer case of mutual symbiosis, then it would be called Scientific-Fantasy Law or Fantasy-Scientific Law, whichever Law has the tiny bit of assertion over the other.

By the way, Sister Worlds share the same Fantasy Law even if fantasy world name Earth doesn’t seem to have any traces of fantasy. It’s simply because Scientific Law is more dominant to the point where the Fantasy Law there is at minimum.

“I have a question. What makes something fantasy?” Alicia asked.

“Well, let us take Beohar for example.”

Aqua showed a picture of a cow, except it had a hard-stone like plating over some parts of its body.

“This is a farm cow from Beohar. As you can see, it had natural stone scales and they are bigger too unlike Earth cows. Tell me, do cows that live in farms protected from harm needed this?”


“Is there a reason not to have it?”

“It is simply unnecessary and increases the amount of nutrients needed to develop them.”

“Yes, we do not just say whether it exists in Scientific Earth, but also see their biological parts that should have faded in their evolution. The ability to use magic or abilities under Fantasy Law also counts a creature fantasy.”

“I see.”

“Then what does that make us?” Rin asked.

“Well, since we can use maneg that makes us all fantasy beings and that is not mentioning our Personal Skills too.”


“And now that we have to come to this, how does maneg fit into all of this?”

Well, maneg is its own ‘magic system’ (but most people of Manegia don’t consider it magic) of Manegia, a part of the world’s Fantasy Law. It’s not some special ‘system’ that transcends Law, it’s still a Fantasy Law that exists just like any other world. Well, maybe a bit. This particular Fantasy Law is different than the rest.

When a stray Maneg Soul, searching for a suitable host in the Dimensional Sea enters a world untouched by maneg, the Fantasy Law that is the ‘Maneg System’ integrating itself to that world as a pseudo third Law that also fused partially into that world’s Fantasy Law.

Now while most Fantasy Law didn’t like Scientific Law, it hated other Fantasy Law that is not it even more so.

Fantasy Law doesn’t like ‘elements’ of a foreign Fantasy Law in their world. If a person that follows this Fantasy Law, upon entering another world with a different Fantasy Law, that world’s Fantasy Law will ‘integrate’ that person to suit its own. Whatever magical spells or abilities that fall under Fantasy Law would work differently; in some cases, rendered unusable. This doesn’t happen in Sister Worlds since both share the same Fantasy Law.

This applies to the Maneg System as it enters the other world’s Law, but the opposite happens. To put it simply, maneg is basically an ‘invading Law’ that breaks into a world and integrates itself into that world’s Fantasy Law instead of the other way around, altering that world’s Fantasy Law instead of the Fantasy Law altering it. Of course, the Maneg System couldn’t completely do whatever it wants.

This was why other worlds outside Manegia had lower maneg concentration. It’s the Fantasy Law fighting against the Maneg System. Orders, for the most part, remain unaffected. Efficiency will vary between worlds.

“And I believe this is one of the reasons the Otherworldly Court was created four hundred years ago…”

Alicia had the idea, she was sure Rin had the same idea too.

“Maneg has invaded and altered the natural order of every world it touches. There is very little evidence that it affected worlds badly. However, the first guardians of the Mother Souls may have created this organization as a way to take responsibility for the Maneg System’s invasion.”

“And now we continue it.” Alicia declared.

“Yes, and it will continue on forever.”


“Now then, just because the Maneg System invaded worlds and integrate itself into the Laws of the world does not mean we cannot take advantage of the application because of it. After all, the job of a Court Wizard is a dangerous one.”

“Aw yeah!” Voice cheered. “Let’s bring out the big guns!”

an: except I’m showing it in actual battle. But I’m sure some of you may have a good idea about it.


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