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(Completed) Alicia (Start Here)


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(Current) End of the Five, Twenty-Three, and Twenty-Nine Years Story

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More About the Otherworldly Court


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Stories of the Otherworldly Court

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Secret Nation Chronicles

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Scrapped chapters after a rewrite.

(First Draft) (Lost Chapters) Alicia Chapters

(Lost Chapters) More About the Otherworldly Court

Chapter Indexing in Main Chapters

Chapter: The main entries to any given book and drives the plot of the book. A Chapter constitutes an ‘arc’ of the book, so it is split into sub-chapters like ‘Chapter 11.1, 11.2, 12.3, etc.’.

Interlude: Shorter (or even longer) entries that are irrelevant to the plot of the book. It’s just for fun. It can also take place in a Chapter formatted as ‘Chapter x Interlude’.

Extra Chapter: In a given chapter, an ‘additional’ sub-chapter by the perspective of a different character, where the main character has little to no presence in that Extra Chapter. Formatted as ‘Chapter x Extra x’.

Memory: Entries that used the story formula of book Alicia. These are mostly backstories of the main character that may or may not be relevant to the plot of the book. Formatted as ‘Memory x’.

Post Chapter: Any Chapter after the Chapter tagged as ‘final.’ Usually revolves around the aftermath of the ending of the book before the epilogue. May not include the main character.

Collection: Sometimes, a book could have multiple major ‘arcs,’ usually when there are multiple POV’s of main characters. If it is the case, then every entry to one arc will be compiled into a Collection such as ‘Collection 1 Chapter 1,’ ‘Collection 1 Chapter 2 Extra 1,’ and so on. The next Collection will reset the Chapter counter to 1 eg. ‘Collection 2 Chapter 1’.