Rules of Engagement

1. Let no one witness you should you not belong there

2. Never use more than you need

3. Choose for the betterment of the world

4. Never reveal higher-level technology of another world to a lower one, unless necessary

5. Maintain the flow of the natural order

6. To die or forsake a world you do not belong to, forsake the world

7. Cherish your partner, comrades, friends and those whom you care

8. Let actions be done by those who deserve it

9. Preserve your duties, loyalties, and wishes

10. Stay true to yourself

In page context pending. Read book ‘Alicia‘ for them, for now.

Three Philosophies

1. A cow is cow, a rooster is a rooster. A cow is not a rooster, a rooster is not a cow. This cow is not that cow, that cow is not this cow. The father is not the son, the son is not the father. The elder brother is not the younger brother, the younger brother is not the elder brother. The man of one race is not the other man of the same race, the other man of the same race is not the man of one race.Context


But the father teaches the son to become the father. (Alicia Chapter 13.6)

2. An unhappy world is a destroyed world. A world ruled by a single tyrant with the people suffer is a dead world – better to have multiple nations in good relations than one that will undoubtedly become corrupt. (Five, Twenty-three, and Twenty-five Years Ronald’s Collection’s Chapter 2)

3. ???

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