You are currently viewing (Lost Chapter) Alicia Chapter 13: Problems of the Conglomerate Interlude – of the Dark Guardian’s Day

Third day of Spring Break over Kaomagi Earth

“That’s all I know!” he screamed in pain. “I swear that’s all I know!”

Darc looked at the sorry excuse of an assassin working for some noble. Even the other assassins he interrogated were better than him.

Darc had only needed to cut off a finger of his and threaten to cut the next, and the assassin spilled out everything which somehow lasted for hours, his employer spilled unnecessary information to him. What an amateur, his old man would’ve done worse to him.

Anyway, seeing as the assassin was done, Darc moved on to his finishing routine, “What’s your name?”

“Wha?” And the assassin, naturally, was confused.

“I said, what is your name!?” Darc demanded.

“I-It’s Gus!” the assassin squeaked.

“Full name!” the dark elf shouted.

“G-Gustard Ryders!” the assassin screamed at the top of his lungs.


And death comes to assassins who failed and this man was not prepared for that.

“Good grief.” Darc rummaged his jacket and took out his brown leather notebook and pen. He opened the book and wrote ‘Gustard Ryders’.

Another day’s work for the reaper of the court.

Fourth day of Spring Break over Kaomagi Earth

After handing over the bandit leader, who was unconscious, to the knights, Darc went to the remains of the battlefield.

Two bandits were killed by his dagger and five were brutally mangled by his stakes.

He inspected the bandit with his neck slashed. He found a metal plate with the name ‘Billy Rogers’. He then rummaged the other bandit he stabbed from the nape. Nothing that fives his identity.

He then addressed the five corpses full of holes.

First bandit, nothing.

Second bandit, another metal plate with the name ‘Phillip’. Were these bandits with plates adventurers?

Third bandit, a handkerchief roughly made with the ‘To Daddy’ on it. Great, he killed a loving father. He’ll try to inform his family if he obtained his identity.

Fourth bandit, nothing in particular.

Fifth bandit, only the remains of a metal plate. His stake must’ve destroyed it. He could only make the words ‘A’ and ‘n’. He’ll name him Andrew.

He pulled his leather notebook and wrote:

Billy Rogers
Bandit A
Bandit B
Bandit C who was a loving father
Bandit D

This was a bad day.

On a certain day long after the attempted coup was thwarted, Darc stood in front of an overweight man in a somewhat unkempt lavish clothing.

“W-Who are you?” the man grumbled.

“Your executioner, Doug von salt waters,” Darc stated coldly.

“What? You, a filthy dark elf!?” Doug snapped. “Execute me!?”


“Aaah!” the noble howled in pain as a black stake shot out and stabbed his pancreas.

“And you will pay for what you did to us ‘demi-humans,'” Darc continued as he loomed over the noble.

“Ah… No! Forgive me!” Doug pleaded, writhing in pain. “Don’t- Grah!”


Darc pulled out his notebook and crossed out the name ‘Doug von salt waters’.

He felt great.

Doug von salt waters


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