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Hello, you can call me Azhure Raven, writer of the Wizards of the Otherworldly Court web novel series.

Wizards of the Otherworldly Court is a multiple worlds and protagonists isekai web novel series about the Otherworldly Court, an inter-dimensional (or world-hopping, you get the idea) organization made up of people of all ages, gender, and race from many parallel or different worlds. They are granted elemental-like magic powers and call themselves ‘Court Wizards’.

They embark on many worlds in the mission to make them better places whether it’d be covertly in the shadows or out in the open working together with the many kinds of people living there all while having an adventure unlike any other.

These are their stories.

Wizards of the Otherworldly Court is split into multiple books listed in the ‘main’ and ‘side’ stories. Each main story focuses on a different Court Wizard, highlighting their experience in the Otherworldly Court. As for how long each chapter is, I will generally write more than 2000+ for a normal chapter. Otherwise, I will also write short stories at random.

Basically, it’s isekai to multiple worlds but each book after Wizards of the Otherworldly Court: Alicia focuses primarily on one world while also discussing its lore in detail. Book Alicia is the introduction containing the essential worldbuilding of the Otherworldly Court universe you need to know while shoving in as many characters and worlds as I can. Also, each book will have a different main character, sometimes more than one in a single book, like Jojo.

Fair warning that the story can get a bit violent at some times, just so you know.

Anyway, you can start with the first book written, ‘Alicia’ in the link here.

Tags in each chapter indicate the Court Wizard characters, worlds, etc. that are in that chapter. Court Wizards that are mentioned in the background or flashbacks are not included, however.

Otherwise, you can explore the ‘Lore Database’ to view my world-building. But you should read book Alicia beforehand.

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Once upon a time, a merchant in the state of Chu tried to sell a spear and a shield.

When asked, “How good is this shield?”

The merchant boasted, “No weapon can penetrate this shield, no matter how sharp the weapon is!”

When asked, “How good is this spear?”

The merchant boasted again, “This spear can penetrate any shield, no matter how hard it is!”

When asked, “If you strike your shield with your spear, what would happen?”

The merchant could not answer.

The word ‘spear’ in Chinese is máo (矛) and the word ‘shield’ in Chinese is dùn (盾). Together, it makes the Chinese word for ‘contradiction’ máodùn (矛盾).

An idiom for this is zì xiāng máo dùn (自相矛盾) meaning ‘use one’s spear against one’s own shield’.

When I was creating this story, I had the concept of ‘mind vs heart.’ I know it sounded generic and that’s why I scrapped that idea, mostly.

Then I watched a certain video on the internet that begins with the epigraph above and I knew what to do.

‘Contradiction’ is a central theme in Wizards of the Otherworldly Court as the crest of the Otherworldly Court is literally a spear-shield and a scale over it. However, this is a broad subject and does not include intentional plot holes in the story and conflicting lores in worldbuilding.

As you read this serial, you can find subtle to obvious signs of two discrepant facts, polar opposite ideas, and contradictory actions. Yet the Otherworldly Court continues to stand, a contradiction of its own.

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