Alicia Chapter 17.1: Fighting the Demon Lord in the Shadows – Brief

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Alicia Chapter 16.1.S: Scientific Law and Fantasy Law, and Maneg

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More About the Otherworldly Court 2: Naming Conventions Part One – Species

Azhure: I decided to revise this chapter and expand it as the revision will not clash with the current canon as of 31/12/2020. The tag in the title will be removed after some time. But not this note at the beginning and end.

Read after book Alicia Chapter 11 (more…)


Alicia Chapter 9: After the First Mission and Ranks

Battle over. Emotions returned.

After an hour or so, Alicia and Owen stood over the scattered remains of the defeated skeleton goblins decorating the red wasteland with even more broken bones. They lost count of how many skeleton goblins they defeated and Owen did most of the work.

“Haa…” With the suppression lifted, Alicia sighed melancholy. Why? Well, the only word that could describe how she felt was… conflicted. Even so, there must be a better word to describe her predicament. (more…)


Alicia Chapter 7: Aqua, the Fire Guardian

“The Mother Soul is the entity that creates Maneg Souls,” Owen explained. “Each of the eleven Elements has its own Mother Soul.”

With Alicia’s first training completed, they went back inside the Otherworldly Court.

“Is it a bigger Maneg Soul that is stored somewhere in this place?” Alicia asked. (more…)


More About the Otherworldly Court 1.2: The Maneg Soul Picks Its Vessel & Soul 2

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More About the Otherworldly Court 1.1: The Maneg Soul Picks Its Vessel & Soul 1

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Azhure: Anyway, while this chapter still takes place between Alicia’s first and second mission in book Alicia, I’ve decided to try and shove in every relevant lore as of book End of the Five, Twenty-three, and Twenty-nine Years Story Owen’s Collection Chapter 3.3 and I’ll dump any information not fitting the current context of the story in the chapter in an exposition at the end.

Azhure: Also, if there’s anything I’ve left out in the rewrite consider it no longer canon, I’m also changing a few things that shouldn’t conflict with canon as I haven’t used them yet as well as adding new ones. Consider some of the new information as foreshadowing.

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