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Participants: Alice, Alicia, Aqua, Crea, Jill, Luna, Rose

“Your eyes are just like your mother Irene, Alicia,” Aqua said.

“Thank you,” Alicia replied. “How do you know about my mother?”

“Well, your mother or more specifically, the Illyer family were adept in using water spirit magic, to communicate with the water spirits, my children, to lend their power to cast powerful water spells. You are a daughter of Illyer so you should be able to do it too.”

“Really? How do I do it?”

“Well, one needs to be able to feel the presence of spirits. Then, communicate with them. You could ask your mother to teach you, but it only works in Spiri Raia since the spirits only exist there.”

“I see…”

“You know, I feel really uncomfortable here,” Crea said.

“How come?” Rose asked.

“Hmm… It’s something like an aura of regality I don’t really belong into.” Crea answered.

“Mmhm.” Luna hummed.

“Let’s see here…” Aqua said.”I am the ruler of water spirits, Alice is a… from nobility, Rose and Jill are too. Alicia’s mother is a former noblewoman so that counts. Luna is a dragon belonging to a world where dragons are a noble existence. I suppose that is where the regality comes from?”

“Yes! That’s exactly it,” Crea said. “Me and Luna here are in a tea party full of aristocrats! I don’t really belong here.”

“Does it matter now?” Rose asked. “Two of us are former noblewomen. It doesn’t matter. All in the court is equal.”

“Yeah! We’re all friends!” Luna cheerfully said with cake stuffed in her mouth.

“Yes!” Crea cheered.

“Why did we have a tea party in a balcony with a view of a wasteland?” Alicia inquired.

“Hmm… Now that I think about it. Why did we choose this balcony?” Rose wondered.

“Yes, whenever we girls decided to have a tea party, we always choose the Fire Guardian’s chamber’s balcony that looks over the training grounds,” Jill said. “The balconies on the other side have better views.”

“And Hanz always ordered explosive orders there,” Crea added.

And a huge explosion was seen. The sound barrier absorbed the noise.

“And there it is,” she continued with a sigh. “I just scolded him not to.”

“Well, the tea party thing started with you Rose, and Jill,” Aqua explained. “You picked this balcony since you were both fire wizards and normally wizards of other Elements are not allowed to enter other chambers but their own Element.”

“Which no one really cared,” Alice added.

“And when the both of you started to invite other girls,” Aqua continued, “it became like this.”

“True,” Rose said.

“Hmph, I do not mind,” Jill shrugged. “I love the company.”

“”You’re welcome!””

Azhure: So, what do you all think of this interlude? Is it good? Are there any problems with it? Any reviews or feedback is appreciated as long as they’re not plain insults meant to blow off your stress.

Voice: Don’t do that to people! Not even on the internet!

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