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an: and we are in chapter 17. This must be one of my most creative worlds created right now. 


Year 1421

A week after the shenanigans in the aquatic world with a very… unique marine life that was the Osianicd Archipelago, the two Court Wizards recruited this year along with their mentor we’re called again for another mission that happened on Saturdays.

Taking the elevator to the second floor of the castle of the Otherworldly Court, they went into the fire chamber.

The Fire Guardian was not in the room, however, but there was Rose Bloodlight, the vampire, sitting in a wheelchair pushed by James, the former (technically) vampire hunter, in the fire chamber.

“Hello, Aqua,” Alicia greeted with the wave of her hand, “and hello Rose, James, what brings the both of you here?”

“Greetings, Alicia,” Rose replied. “And Owen too, we were called in by Aqua for this mission.” The albino spotted the raven-haired girl with a long-cylindrical bag strapped on her back. “You must be Haruto’s sister, Rin correct?” she said, “my name is Rose Bloodlight, pleased to meet you.”

“Yes, I am Rin Fujiwara.” Rin gave a bow. “Nice to meet you!”

The black-haired girl stared at the wheelchair-bound girl for a while until Rose asks, “Is there something?”

“Uhn, um… You’re so pretty…” Rin meekly said while blushing. True, for a woman over two hundred years old, Rose Bloodlight looked like a beautiful woman in her prime. With silver hair and a pair of crimson eyes giving her a bewitching look along with pale porcelain skin. Not to mention, her bodily curves in the right place adding to her maturity and…

Nope, I am definitely not jealous of that.

You said it!

Alicia was definitely not envious of one of her first friends’ (after Owen) bountiful chest that rivaled her mother’s.

“Why, thank you, Rin,” Rose mused.

“And…” Rin looked at her wheelchair.

“Oh, it is a long story,” Rose said, “it is something that happened a few years ago. It does not hinder me at all actually,” standing up from her wheelchair, “see? I am using loyal maneg to help me stand up and use a wheelchair because it is dangerous to use loyal maneg frequently.”

“Uhn, glad your okay!” Rin smiled.

“Thank you,” The vampire giggled. “I have heard about what happened to your brother, I am sure he will be fine and you can surely find him.”

“Thank you!”

Well, Rin Fujiwara can surely put a smile on everyone’s faces.

Though it seemed that the particular blonde hair boy was ignored entirely.

an: in other words, I’m not wasting words on him.

Voice: poor lad!

an: *sigh* now why do did I decide to write 4th wall break.

Voice: dunno! You forgot to put my input!

an: well, as I finished this chapter I realized I completely forgot to put her dialogues. Again, all of Voice’s dialogue ends with an exclamation mark so I will not clarify her name in any of her dialogue.

After Rin gave an adorable reaction when the vampire told the human girl of her race, the Guardian of the Mother Soul of Fire, Aqua, came inside the chamber with the Guardian of the Mother Soul of Air, Will, in tow (read: dragged along).

Beckoning (read: throwing) the Air Guardian inside her chamber, she said, “I see everyone is present, good. We will start the briefing.”

The Court Wizards sat on the sofas while Aqua closed the curtains of the balcony and pulled down a blank screen hanging in the ceiling in front of her desk. She then boots up the computer on her desk, went to the short table between the sofas where the others are sitting and turned on the projector prepared on that table. All the while the pixie, Voice, is at the table munching cookies.

“Uhn? Why is there a projector?” Rin inquired, tilting her head. Wondering why there was modern tech in a medieval world with magic.

“Because it is convenient,” Aqua replied. “Even if we do not interfere with advancements in technology in worlds, that does not mean we cannot use them to better our job.” And light was projected onto the blank screen. “But most of us could not understand post-modern technology, so we do not generally use it. There is also the matter of acquiring them,” she concluded, pressing the remote button in her hand.

A photo of a world was shown on the screen. It was an overview shot of the general landscape in which there were four main things: several kingdoms of many colors according to the number of visible castles there; mountains upon mountains whose life had faded taking up the middle right side of the picture with a huge grim castle at the center; and a thick line of forestry separating the previous two items apart in a semi-circle, encircling the latter – as you go from the first to the second item the greenery gets darker; finally, many beacons of light scattered throughout the map, every kingdom had at least one while there was only one dark beacon at the dark grim castle.

“This,” Aqua began, “is Geron Yor. We do not need to be explained every detail of this world so we will cut to the chase.”

She then scrolled to a hand-drawn illustration that showed a glowing yellow manly figure, he was striking a T-pose and had a halo on his head; another manly figure that has a green color so dark it could be mistaken for black, he had an exaggerated wicked appearance.

“Eew! Those are really ugly drawings!”

Ignoring the pixie with a mouth full of cookies, she continued, “In this world, there were two deities (after that, various lesser spirits and such): the Yellow Deity and the Green Deity.

“Now, the Creation Deity was, of course, the one who created Geron Yor and was the sole deity in that world.

“The Green Deity, however, was not a deity from Geron Yor, rather he was an alien to the world. He was called a deity by the masses so we went along with it. We do not know where the Green Deity comes from as the archives relating to him were corrupted two hundred years ago and we still have not repaired it. He seems to be an Outsider that had come to Geron Yor and decided to stay there.”

Aqua then showed a picture of the two deities fighting each other. The Yellow deity had the Geron Yor denizens at his side while the Green Deity had his own army of dark green.

“Long story short, the two deities ended up fighting and the Yellow Deity was winning, because of that the Green Deity did this.” The greater water spirit pushed the remote control button again.

The overview picture of Geron Yor was shown again, but it was zoomed to the thick forestry.

“This,” Aqua dramatically spoke, “is the Green Line. The Green Line is the forestry spawned by the Green Deity. It is sentient and can move left and right according to this map.”

The next picture shown was another overview but this time the Green Line was at the center and the landscape between the line to the easternmost side was of the wasteland.

“Anything and anything that the Green Line passes through gets corrupted. Plantlife instantly dies while humans and animals are slowly killed so they could not stay at the other side for too long. The Green Deity’s monsters, of course, gets unaffected, rather they thrive inside their deity’s domain.”

Then the presentation switched to a gold pedestal shining a pure white light. There were many of these scattered throughout the Yellow Deity’s domain. However, the ones on the other side of the globe we’re of green color.

“In response, the Yellow Deity created these Beacons that pushes back the Green Line. The problem is, the Green Deity’s minions could corrupt them and allow the Green Line to go pass them.”

“Wow, that’s some really good defense!”

With everybody sighing on Voice’s sarcastic remark, Aqua continued “But, the Geron Yor natives can convert the corrupted Beacons back.

“This has been the state of this world for centuries: each side fighting over the Beacons, constantly losing and winning back Beacons. Most of the time, it had been a stalemate, but…”

The projector now goes back to the first picture.

“As you can see here, the Green Deity is on his last legs.”

“Does he have legs though!?”

“He does. Right now, he is down to a single Beacon which is surrounded inside a fortress he built. The Yellow Deity’s army is now making preparation for the ultimate assault on the fortress.”

“So, are we trying to kill the Green Deity, Master Aqua?” Rin asked.

“No,” Aqua bluntly said.

“Uhn? Why?”

“Because of rule number eight: Let actions be done by those who deserved it. While the Green Deity is an Outsider that is clearly cancerous to Geron Yor and must be eliminated, our rule implied that the extermination of the Green Deity should be done by the people of Geron Yor themselves. After all, you would not want to see someone else taking care of your problems when it should have been you, right?”

Rin nodded in agreement as it does make sense. She then asks, “Then the Yellow Deity’s army will fight Green Deity?”

“Yes, but apart from the Beacons, the Yellow Deity also appointed a champion blessed by himself to fight directly against the Green Deity,” Aqua explained.

She shifted the projector to show a picture of a young man with black hair wearing an overly gaudy set of armor, obviously to stand out as some sort of banner for which the Yellow Deity’s army can follow under.

“There were several champions before him as they were unable to defeat the Green Deity in their lifetime. This boy here is the current champion chosen by the Yellow Deity. I believe his name is Rei, Rei Furuta.”

“Uhn?” Rin seemed to have noticed something about the man in the picture.

Alicia too noticed something about this champion. Considering all the Japanese light novels her father had brought home to read and the obvious name, she mutters, “Do not tell me…”

“Yes! This boy right here is a Japanese high-school student who was isekai’d to Geron Yor!” Aqua said cheerfully.

Alicia could do nothing but sigh. But Rin seems confused. “Isekai’d?” she inquired, “what’s that?”

“I thought you knew this kind of scenario,” James, the former vampire hunter, commented. “It was you Japanese that gave the term ‘isekai’d.'”

True, it was the modern Japanese Court Wizards that mainstreamed the term ‘isekai’d’ into the Otherworldly Court. Also, their light novels’ depiction of fantasy worlds (and also non-Japanese fantasy novels in ‘Earths’) eerily resembles fantasy worlds the Otherworldly Court watches over. This must be the explanation for all of those fantasy novels that clogged the Bell manor’s bookshelves – they were relevant to the job.

“James,” Rose said, “Rin is from Rakarok-Earth World Merge, that world had merged its fantasy and ‘Earth’ world together. Because the world is already ‘another world’, the concept of it does not exist within Japanese literature.”

In other words, because Rin’s world is already isekai, nobody was writing it.

“Anyway,” Alicia said. “There is already a champion to fight the Green Deity, what is our role then?”

“Our role is to make his job easier,” Aqua answered. “We will come in and secretly weaken the Green Deity’s forces and sabotage any trick up his sleeves. We are doing this as this could be the decisive battle to end the Green Deity. Whilst upholding our rule, we will make sure that Rei Furuta strikes the nail on the Green Deity’s coffin.”

“Yes,” Rose added. “This conflict has been dragged for too long. I have seen champion after champion being summoned or simply chosen among the natives and only go so much to conquer a few Beacons only to be lost again. Now that the war is about to be over, I would like to make sure it ends.”

“I see,” Alicia muttered. She then realized something. “Rose, you said that you have seen several champions, how do know?”

“Alicia,” Owen said. “Rose is a 4th generation Court Wizard that started one hundred and seventy-five years ago.”

“Then that means…!?”

“Yes,” Rose mused. “Specifically, I was recruited one hundred and sixty years ago. So I have been serving for more than a century and a half, far longer than all the current Court Wizards here. I am a vampire after all.”

“Wow…” Rin gasped in awe.

“I know right?” James added. “I was surprised too when she told me that.”

“Wow! You’re really old and you still look beautiful!”

“Why thank you, Voice.” The oldest serving Court Wizard thanked the pixie, it seemed Alicia’s representative of her Maneg Soul did not extend her incessant teasing to her master’s first friend after Owen.

“Anyway,” Aqua interrupted. “This presentation is over, we will now proceed to the planning on assisting the champion in defeating the Green Deity once and for all. William, please assist me.”



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