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Azhure: I intend to drag this for as long as I can.

Voice: So stay tuned for the decimals to reach double digits!

“I don’t like this.” Pierre declared, his gloved hands holding the edges of his stand.

Today was a bad day.

For one thing, he had woken up before dawn when Jonathan showed up and reported a serious issue in his world, and also in serious wounds himself.

Apparently, Jonathan, doing patrols (by wandering around) in the kingdom of GrassPlains, happened to come upon a bunch of cultists performing a dubious ritual involving the sacrifice of an innocent child – which in Qantasia, always bring unimaginable catastrophe.

Being the Hero of Coastline, he jumped in and slew the evil-doers and rescued the child, while keeping their leader alive for Darcassan Erith, the Dark Guardian, to torture him for information (and Pierre shudders at the thought of it).

And what Darc got was that a similar ritual was going to be held in Coastline. And thus came to the predicament that happened half a day ago.

An emergency meeting was called to have all Guardians in the Otherworldly Court to enter the Courtroom to come up with a plan to stop whatever the cultist attempted to do with the sacrificial ritual.

And the plan was to let the cultists attempt to pull off their ritual.

William Trust, the Air Guardian, immediately pitched his plan, based on the report, to purposefully let a black-haired child, the cultists’ target for sacrifice, get abducted by the cultists so that all of them will be in one place for a team of Court Wizards to take then out in one fell swoop. The First Greater Water Spirit Aquarius of Spiri Raia (what a mouthful), the Fire Guardian of all things, and Darc agreed to this plan.

Of course, Pierre and the other more sentimental Guardians objected to this plan. But there wasn’t any time to argue with a nine centuries-old water spirit deity, who wouldn’t understand how humans feel; a dark elf assassin, his title is self-explanatory, and a teenager from a peaceful world who had no qualms of beheading people with air pressure; so the plan came through.

The only assurance is that it will be led by a significantly large team, which its formation took up most of the time, to ensure nothing will go wrong.

And it went wrong.

The team, which even included the Dark Guardian himself, got themselves trapped except Jonathan.

And it was all because of one cultist named Gray Seagull.

Pierre recalled his name in the report of the succession was in Coastline, later to be called by the masses, the ‘War of the Princes and Nobles.’ That seagull half-animal showed up out of the blue and offered to join Albert von Coastline’s faction. Turns out, He was a cursed wolf in sheep’s clothing.

From the very beginning, Gray was a member of these cultists and witnessed Jonathan do battle with maneg, for Pierre and the Guardians gave him permission to use openly, and got interested.

Then, that curiosity turned to fear as he learned about Court Wizards. That much is obvious, the Court Wizards will destroy the cultists and their operations if they found out. And that fear turned to all the things that went wrong in the War of the Princes and Nobles.

He was the one who led the fateful ambush that claimed Jonathan’s arm and blood brother.

He was the one who killed Melaine Fox. Miriel, the Water Guardian, did not take it well, Melaine was a Water Court Wizard.

And finally, just to add the final touch to break his spirit, Gray destroyed Jonathan’s village, killing his biological brother.

It was the most despicable action that would certainly make him in the hitlist and someone to be wary of, but only the former was accounted for.

Gray did not plan far ahead when he did those heinous crimes against the Otherworldly Court. He thought that he could weaken Jonathan by taking what he has, but it only made Jonathan become stronger. His second mistake was that he never truly know what maneg can do as Jonathan broke his suppression and revealed his [Plant Arm], the symbol of his strength and weakness and utterly slaughtered the seagull. Good riddance to him and viva the second Rule of Engagement.

This news will eventually be relayed to all Court Wizards.

While that’s all good and all, the fact that it all happened because Gray was let to eavesdrop was disheartening.

Perhaps if we didn’t let Gray watch our back, or maybe never butting into the entire charade, to begin with, Melaine might still be here. That was all the Guardians could think of.

However, it was not the time to mull over such things. The issue in Qantasia was but another thing to the other matters that the Guardians have on their heads.

Because after Darc and the others finished their mission, the Guardians moved on to the next discussion.

“We will now start our discussion regarding the peace treaty between the humans and half-animals in Beohar.” Aqua declared.

As always, not every Guardian showed up, it was due to the vessels the Mother Souls picked. For example, Gabriel, the feminine Life Guardian, who was a pope of a major religion in Kaomagi, couldn’t attend the discussion this dawn due to work. Ilezenya Erith, who did attend the discussion this dawn, had her womanly problem to deal with just now and was cooped up in the infirmary.

Problem was, it made most of the sentimental Guardians, like Gabriel and Zenya, or the ‘Shield’ Guardians aren’t here, leaving most of the ‘Spear’ Guardians to participate. Pierre, who is also a Shield Guardian himself, hopes that this discussion wouldn’t conclude dark term, like the last one.

Moving on, the discussion went as usual. Creating two outlines, ‘the Spear’ and ‘the Shield,’ of how the mission will fold. William proposing a solid, yet cruel plan. Some suggestions from other Court Wizards above who participated. And finally voting the weight of the two outlines.

However, it was the deciding of which Court Wizard to send that got Pierre to act up.

And that’s where he is now.

“Pierre, you know that Alicia has to go through it one day,” Aqua sighed.

“But to potentially witness a person entrusted with the Conglomerate in their world commit betrayal,” Pierre argued. “Especially after Owen granted his assurance that it shall never occur?

And have her witness ‘that’?”

“Don’t be so overly dramatic, Pierre,” Darc jabbed. “What we are discussing will alter the course of Beohar.”

“True,” Miriel, the Water Guardian, interjected. “With this treaty, it will be the first step towards peace for my people and theirs.” Although what she refers to as her people were the merfolk, fish half animals, for Miriel is their princess, it can still constitute the entire half-animals in Beohar. “We cannot let it fail.”

“And precisely why rookie Court Wizards like Alicia needs to experience,” the greater water spirit added. “You can not keep a bird in its cage.”

“But still.” While Pierre admits that he is an overly dramatic flair, and he really liked his theatrics, he knows when to be serious and drop it, to an extent. And this is a serious subject.

“Until now, she has been content to only witness but not partaking it. Never once complaining about whatever our plan is. But all of you are aware that accepting one is lighter than executing it.

“Even little Rin could take no more after her second mission.” Pierre pointed his arm towards the upper audience, to a certain wheelchaired bound vampire. “If it weren’t for Rose, even if she omitted some truths, she would’ve done something foolish, ignoring the search of her brother for her naive justice.”

Pierre took a deep breath before closing his long argument. Truthfully, it was because of Rin Fujiwara’s sudden ‘leave’ that made him say all of this. It was fortunate that the maidens had calmed Rin down, especially after Hanz’s nasty closing statement. And I was too busy entertaining my audience with parlor tricks.

“And don’t forget the tragedy that befell Alicia and Owen’s parents.” He finished.

As silence washed over the courtroom, Darc spoke up.

“What happened to Rin was that she was unprepared to face those situations. But Alicia was fully aware of what she will do.” Darc rebutted. “And I believe history doesn’t repeat itself.”

“…Tch!” Pierre could only click his tongue, only now he realized his oversight to his argument.

“If I may?” Everyone turned to the speaker.

“Is there anything you would like to say, Miriel?” Aqua inquired.

“Well, just to lessen the burden on her psyche,” she suggested. “We will have Will to replace Darc.” She looked at Will. “He was the one who crafted this plan and he belongs to the same world as Alicia.”

And he casually chops people’s heads off.

“Is that fine with you, Will?”

Will simply gave an uninterested look and said, “…Fine.”

“Darc.” Miriel turned to the dark elf.

“…Fine,” Darc said.


And everyone else seemed to agree with it.

“Then Will will replace Darc in killing the target.” Aqua declared.

Now Pierre doesn’t know whether it would be better or worse with William assigned to ‘that’ role.

“Any suggestions for the roster from above?” Aqua continued, looking at the Court Wizards watching this unfold from the second floor.

“I will participate in this mission.” Rose raised her hand. “I would like to be there when Alicia sees ‘that’.”

“I-I will help as well,” James, who was behind Rose, added.

“All right then.” Aqua continued,” anyone else?” She saw no one else going upfront. “Good, this roster will be final,” she concluded.

However, Pierre still grimaced about what will happen. But just as Aqua is about to close this meeting, someone has something to say.

“William,” Alice called, not using his nickname. “Please, do not ‘hurt’ Alicia too much, alright?” And by ‘hurting’ Alicia she means damaging her mental health.

Will stood there for a moment, registering the request made by the youngest Guardian with an innocent face. “…I’ll tries my best,” he replied.

Pierre could only sigh. Only little Alice’s words could soften up a stone-hearted boy like Will. And Yielders, who are unaligned, like her always cool down the heat between the Shields and Spears, no pun intended.

And her mother too.

“I see, thank- Uwah!?” Alice was about to give a small bow when slipped from the stool she stood upon, the stand was too tall for her.


Quickly, Will ordered his air maneg to blow under the falling girl before she could hit her head on the edge of the stand. Alice’s white one-piece fluttering upwards.


And Alice was gently laid down on the marble flooring.

“Ah, thank you, Will,” she said, getting up and patting her dress. “For saving me again.”

Pierre internally sighed. Ice Mother Soul, how long are you going to try killing her and just accept her as your Guardian already?

With the usual accident, Pierre hoped that Alicia would not fare worse than Rin, Haruto’s beloved sister whom he always gushed about.

Voice: Azhure, what are you going to make Alicia see?

Azhure: Thank you for reading this chapter, but I will be on hiatus starting this day, 28/02/2020.

Voice: I said, what are you going to make my Alicia go through?

Azhure: I have to study for exams as this will be my final school year.

Voice: Hey, this isn’t funny. Answer my question!

Azhure: So I won’t be updating for more than a month.


Azhure: So please be patient by then.

Azhure: So, what do you all think of this sub-chapter? Is it good? Are there any problems with it? Any reviews or feedback is appreciated as long as they’re not plain insults meant to blow off your stress.

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