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Azhure: I decided to revise this chapter and expand it as the revision will not clash with the current canon as of 31/12/2020. The tag in the title will be removed after some time. But not this note at the beginning and end.

Read after book Alicia Chapter 11


“Ah, crud!” Aqua, the Fire Guardian, groaned, her glowing red hands holding three red slabs of metal while the rest sprawled all over the floor.


“Oh my, what happened, Aqua?” Rose, the wheelchaired bound vampire, said as she was pushed by Jill and followed by Alicia entering the chamber.

“I was sorting out the copy of your ID’s we kept in our chambers when they slide off,” Aqua sighed. “Now it’s a mess here.” The greater spirit didn’t need to explain it since the state of the chamber was already self-explanatory.

“Then we shall help.” Rose turned to the others as she let her loyal maneg enforce her legs to stand up. “Right, ladies?”

“”Sure!/Why not?”” Alicia and Jill said in unison.

Aqua chuckled. “Thank you, you three.”

As most of the IDs were tidied up, Alicia noticed one particular sheet, it was Rose’s.

“Sharp-teethed human?” Alicia muttered. “And what is with the vampire under parentheses?”

“Ah, that,” Rose rolled her eyes, pausing for a moment. “Is my race’s ‘official’ name by the Otherworldly Court because we vampires have sharp teeth and other than that, we look human.” By her tone, the vampire does not like the name designated to her.

“So it is based on your appearance?” Alicia tilted her head. “Why?”

“Allow me,” Aqua interjected. “But we might as well learn how we fill the IDs too which is from this template.”

Element Color:
Cherished Armament:

“Name, age, sex, element, element color, rank are all straightforward. No need to explain them.” Aqua shrugged. “Now to species, you noticed how different worlds called half-animals differently?”

“…Ah, yes,” Alicia recalled. “Beohar calls them ‘Half-Beost,’ Kaomagi calls them ‘Eria’s Children’ though that is collectively called for all races, another world calls them ‘animal-eared folk,’ and so on.”

“While they have differences, they are fundamentally the same, having animal parts replacing ears and a tail” Aqua explained. “So it would be poor organization not to group them together while still recording their native species name. Aside from using the term species instead of race, the First Guardians designed a system with that in mind.”

“And that system is to just describe them from appearance alone?” Alicia deduced.

“Correct,” Aqua nodded. “To put it simply, you take a human from ‘Earth,’ and tell them to describe the appearance of a species in comparison to a human or an animal. However, that person does not know his world’s fantastical mythology so will not reference them. That is the system in place.”

“And so that man does not know what a vampire is and just describe having sharper teeth than an ordinary human?” Alicia deduced.

“Yes, that is correct,” Aqua nodded. “And in the ID, the name Rose go by, vampire, is still kept within parentheses.”

“You know,” Rose mulled. “Hearing it feels humiliating, being called a sharp-teethed human.”

“You are right on that one, Rose,” Aqua nodded in agreement. “I am called a body-less soul, I think they could not comprehend my kind!”

“You will get used to it, Alicia,” Jill whispered to the only other human in the chamber as the sharp-teethed human and body-less soul ranted. “Almost every non-human here have not the liking to the species system.”

“I-I see…” Alicia could only smile wryly.

“Anyway,” Aqua continued after she and Rose had settled down, as if it never happened. “Any questions?”

After mulling a bit, Alicia noticed one bit of detail. “…You know, would animal-eared not be more accurate than half-animal?”

Aqua pondered for a bit before answering, “Ah, that is because one of the First Guardians, the Air Guardian was called a bird half-animal in his world and did not like to be called a ‘bird winged beaked legged human’ and pushed his race term ‘half-animal’ to be used instead.

“As you can see, among the First Guardians, eight of them are not human who did not like the system they created, but they all knew it is the most optimal solution.

“So, at the very least, they put their native species name instead, which becomes a comparative to describe species. This ended up in a hierarchy of naming with human or animal prioritized than the eight, making names like dragon-morph, dragons that can turn to a human form.

“Also, they forbid the use of the term ‘humanoid’ as they do not like the sound of it, which I agree.”

“Then, in other words…”

“They abused their power as the founding Guardians.” Jill finished for Alicia with a deadpan.

“And for us future Guardians, it was already too late to make changes as it was already set in stone in the archives,” the Fire Guardian sighed.

“Then what are the eight species exempted?” Alicia asked. “I mean, eight of the First Guardians?”

“Elf, dwarf, fairy, pixie, dragon, half-animal, wise beasts, and L.E.A.U. which stands for Living Electrical Android Unit,” Aqua listed.

“I heard you said dragon-morph before, Blaze and Luna’s race. Does that mean a fully-sized dragon was a Guardian?”


“And what are wise beasts?”

“Sapient animals, like a talking cat or dog.”

“And what even is a L.E.A.U.?”

“I believe they are robots with human souls controlling them, so Maneg Souls merge with that soul. I do not know how that is possible but they still have a finite lifespan.”

Azhure: I decided to add half-animal as a way to tie potential loose ends and wise animals because why not. I may also make the wording wrong about L.E.A.U. being cyborgs, half-human half-machine, that is not the case.

This whole revision started after I forgot that dwarves are in the ‘special exception’ and had three chapters written ‘human (dwarf).’ I mulled over whether to fix it or remove the dwarf among the First Guardians which ended up adding two more non-humans.

Voice: LMAO!


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