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Read after book Alicia Chapter 11

“Thank you, ladies, for helping me clean up and sort out all of these, thank you!”

“Hmph, it was not a bother!” The red knight said.

“Your welcome!” Alicia said.

“We are glad to help.”

“Well then, I will now explain how we classify each world.”

Aqua then turned on the computer on the desk (yes, Guardians use computers), and showed this:

Name: Kaomagi Earth

Law: Scientific

Era: Modern

Tech: Sword

Sister: Kaomagi

Kaomagi Earth, modern scientific world of swords

“There is the name, then after that is the Law that is more dominant.”

“What do you mean by law? As in, like laws of physics?”

“Correct, we split Laws of worlds into two, ‘Scientific’ and ‘Fantasy’, both are present in every world. However, the ‘presence’ of both Laws are not always apparent. But, it is slightly more complicated than that, we will discuss those in detail in another time. Essentially, the law that is more dominant is what we record.”

“I understand.”

“Good, now onto Era. Era is the era of time using a modern scientific earth as a baseline. We broadly split it in three categories, ‘pre-modern’, ‘modern’ and ‘post-modern’. Pre-modern are medieval times and further than that from a modern era. Post-modern is the ‘sci-fi’ thing the writers of your world make. It depends on the current state of technology.”

“Alright, then what is this one?”

Alicia pointed at ‘Tech: Sword’.

“Tech is short for technology. It is the indicator of the type of technology the world uses, regardless of Era. ‘Sword’ means this world uses mundane tools like a hoe for farming or a telephone for communication, everything under Scientific law. The other is ‘Magic’, magical tools and stuff, everything under Fantasy law.”

“I see, but why name it ‘sword’ and ‘magic’?”

“It is so we can call a world,” The Fire Guardian operated the computer to show another world info.

Name: Kaomagi

Law: Fantasy

Era: Pre-Modern

Tech: Sword and Magic

Sister: Kaomagi Earth

Kaomagi, pre-modern fantasy world of swords and magic

“A world of swords and magic!” Pointing at the bottom information at the screen that says ‘Kaomagi, fantasy world of swords and magic’.


“There are Fantasy worlds that do not have magic tech like this one.”

Name: Beohar

Law: Fantasy

Era: Pre-modern

Tech: Sword

Sister: –

Beohar, pre-modern fantasy world of swords

“There are also worlds that do not have a sister world such as Beohar.”

The greater water spirit continued.

“The last one at the bottom is the official title for the world. For Beohar, it is Beohar, pre-modern fantasy world of swords.”

“I see, I understand. What of this world, Manegia?”

“Well, here.”

Name: Manegia

Law: Fantasy

Era: Pre-modern~Modern~Post-Modern

Tech: Sword and Magic

Sister: –

Manegia, pre-modern~modern~post-modern fantasy world of swords and magic

“Umm… What is with this?” Alicia pointed at the Era.

“That is because technology in this world is all over the place.”

“Why is that?”

“Really, Alicia!” Voice came out. “You’re looking at a cool-looking computer right now!”

“While people outside still use horse carriages,” Rose added.

“And the monitors at the Transporter Room are post-modern technology,” Jill said.

“Which is why Manegia has all three Eras. Due to us, the current state of technology is a mess.”

“Even though the fourth rule said to ‘never reveal higher-level technology of another world to a lower one.'” Rose sighed.

“Unless it is necessary.'” Aqua finished. “And it is necessary for us to have cutting-edge technology for efficiency in the protection of many worlds.”

“I see…”

“Now that we are looking at these files,” Rose said. “I wish to see other files.”

“I would want to see Irongrad!”

“I wish to see Arknoir!”

And thus the female Fire Wizards end their day, scouring through the database of the Otherworldly Court.


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