(Lost Chapter) Alicia Chapter 8: Slaying Skeleton Goblins


If you’re wondering how the transporter works, here is how in a nutshell.

The transporter teleport whatever is in its radius on both sides to the other at the same time. The transporter is also designed to transport maneg too. Element doesn’t matter. The transporter at the court end is also equipped with a device that can regulate the amount of maneg floating on the transporter. In this way, the rule where maneg in one world must be constant can still be followed. (more…)


(Lost Chapter) Alicia Chapter 7: Aqua, the Fire Guardian

Where do Maneg Souls come from? Why a bigger Maneg soul called Mother Soul of course. (more…)


(Lost Chapter) Alicia Chapter 6: Hundred Percent Loyal Maneg

“Yep, she’s hundred percent loyal.”

The man in a white robe said it with confidence. The same man who healed Owen’s thirteen stab wounds, Russel.

“What does that mean?” Alicia asked as she came out of a giant cylindrical machine that apparently can check the content of her Maneg Soul.



(Lost Chapter) Alicia Chapter 5: Maneg 101

The Otherworldly Court

Year 1412


“What was that!?” Alicia shouted.

“I think that was Hans throwing [Explosion] over there,” Owen commented as a giant red-orange spherical dome rose over the distance.



(First Draft) Alicia Chapter 8

“Let’s start with the basics. Make a generic fireball. It should be easy. I’ll make an example its basically the same thing but its ice.”

Spells are called order because of its incantation.

“I command you, form sphere 30 centimeters in diameter from my left hand, travel at linear direction parallel to my left arm, thus is my order, level two:[Iceball]!”



(First Draft) Alicia Chapter 6: Mother’s Past Part 2

"Well I was going to say this when you were older but given the current situation I should tell you this since there is no need to hide it anymore. And..." As Ronald takes a deep breath and Irene took a sip of tea in the sideline as her husband reveals her past. "Forgive us for never telling you this." "Its alright father, mother. I'm sure you have a good reason for it. More importantly, what happened after that? How did mother and father get married?" "Well it went like this."


(First Draft) Alicia Chapter 5: Mother’s Past Part 1

Alicia's mother, Irene Bell, was formerly named Irene ir Illyer, eldest daughter of the Illyer family who had the highest noble position of duke in her country the Kirash Kingdom. Her father was a honest, incorruptible, and virtuous man. He ruled over his territory fairly and kind to the people. He was loved by many. He is a good noble. The only good noble. Every other aristocrats are typical corrupted beings like in books and films.