(Lost Chapter) Alicia Chapter 13.5: Problems of the Conglomerate – Conflict

an: you know, it was supposed to be Alicia and co. go to Coastline Bell branch -> humiliate noble -> get evidence -> give evidence to king and king punish that guy -> problem solved! Next chapter. How did it end up like this? (more…)


(Lost Chapter) Alicia Chapter 13.4: Problems of the Conglomerate – Conflict

an: Alright, one more chapter after this and we’re done with chapter 13 unless I have the incentive to drag on even more so. (more…)


(Lost Chapter) Alicia Chapter 13.1: Problems of the Conglomerate – Introduction

an: for your convenience, all conversations in any world have been translated to English.



(Lost Chapter) Alicia Chapter 14.1: Adventures in Manegia – Beginnings

an: we are finally in chapter 14, It’ll probably be shorter than the previous. I promise. I couldn’t think of any way to make this longer.


(Lost Chapter) Alicia Chapter 18: The Wanderer

an: I was on a trip and I do not bring my laptop with me so I couldn’t do the finishing editing, so I delayed it – I write on my phone. But this story will enter the ‘turning point’ because otherwise, it will not go anywhere. Also, Voice?

Voice: Yes, Azhure!?

an: Don’t be annoying, this chapter is not the time for your remarks.

Voice: What…!? Pfft… fine…!

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Voice: Hey, Azhure!

an: What?

Voice: Why do you still use ‘an’ and not your alias!?

an: I did it in the beginning and I don’t feel like changing. I don’t want to change all the ‘an’ to ‘Azhure’.

Voice: Well, you can start now!

Azhure: Eh, sure.

Voice: That’s better!