(Lost Chapter) Alicia Chapter 8: Slaying Skeleton Goblins


If you’re wondering how the transporter works, here is how in a nutshell.

The transporter teleport whatever is in its radius on both sides to the other at the same time. The transporter is also designed to transport maneg too. Element doesn’t matter. The transporter at the court end is also equipped with a device that can regulate the amount of maneg floating on the transporter. In this way, the rule where maneg in one world must be constant can still be followed. (more…)


Alicia Chapter 9: After the First Mission and Ranks

Battle over. Emotions returned.

After an hour or so, Alicia and Owen stood over the scattered remains of the defeated skeleton goblins decorating the red wasteland with even more broken bones. They lost count of how many skeleton goblins they defeated and Owen did most of the work.

“Haa…” With the suppression lifted, Alicia sighed melancholy. Why? Well, the only word that could describe how she felt was… conflicted. Even so, there must be a better word to describe her predicament. (more…)