Alicia Chapter 17.1: Fighting the Demon Lord in the Shadows – Brief

an: and we are in chapter 17. This must be one of my most creative worlds created right now. 



Alicia Chapter 13.7: Bell Branch Troubles – Confronting the Noble

Azhure: Alright, last one before the interlude after this. I’m in my last year of college and it’s already stressful.

Voice: Enjoy! (more…)


Alicia Chapter 13.6: Bell Branch Troubles – Meeting the New King

Azhure: A bunch of things happened like my country’s Independence Day and I’m mostly staring at the screen figuring out what to rewrite. Anyway, enjoy. (more…)


Alicia Chapter 13.4: Bell Branch Troubles – Terrible Plottings

Azhure: I just got off a cruise ship after college exams (last month was absolutely full), and I can’t believe how hard I tried to be dark and edgy in my high school years. (more…)


Alicia Chapter 13.3: Bell Branch Troubles – News Spread and the Dark Guardian

Azhure: The interlude’s fine, I’m not touching it. Also, it’s that time of the year again.

Azhure: I don’t know what to subtitle this sub-chapter.

Voice: At least it ain’t just ‘Conflict,’ ‘Conflict,’ ‘Conflict’! (more…)


Alicia Interlude 2: School Life 1

an: I literally have no idea on writing this interlude, I wanted to make a school chapter and then I was watching Cardcaptor Sakura and see the episode where there is a student fair and the Cinderella play with reversed gender roles and I was like ‘that’s it!’. (more…)


Alicia Chapter 13.1: Bell Branch Troubles – Start

Azhure: Alright, this is going to be the first part of chapter 13 rewritten under a new title to boot. Frankly, I should have done this much earlier – I’m practically cringing myself reading what past me thought was a cool idea.

Voice: Yeah!

Azhure: I’ll keep the same number of sub-chapters as the original to make it less of a headache for me to upload the rewrites, so expect them to be longer than usual. Also, I’ll tweak Alicia Chapter 19 to reflect some of the changes I’ve made to this chapter. Enjoy. (more…)