Five, Twenty-three, and Twenty-five Years Owen’s Collection Memory 2: His Meetings

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Stories of the Otherworldly Court: The Bell Family of Cheapskates

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(Lost Chapter) Alicia Chapter 11: The Price of Loyal Maneg and More Court Wizards

A lavish room


A high-quality desk

Rotated 90 degrees, destroyed

An old man in noble-like clothing

A husk without its life

Beside, a robed one covered in the same shade as the earth with blood splattered over it

A little boy, crying

The robed one approached the little crying boy

It spoke

“Do you want revenge?”

The crying little boy is an angry little boy

The angry little boy nods

“I won’t let you.”


The dreamer woke up. Dream forgotten.



Alicia Chapter 20.12: The Awoken Dream to Test the Heart – Recollection

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Voice: Huh..? Wait! You’re going to- (more…)


Alicia Chapter 20.10: The Awoken Dream to Test the Heart – Breaking

The noble has watched the battle and gave a speech to the rest of his army shaken by your arrival. Whatever he said, it boosted their morale and went back to their barracks to prepare something. (Miriel) (more…)


Alicia Chapter 20.9: The Awoken Dream to Test the Heart – Firefight

“W-What in the Black Mist is this!?” In the backline, another rifleman exclaimed, others looked at what got their fellow rifleman so spooked: the beheaded corpses of their men. (more…)


Alicia Chapter 20.8: The Awoken Dream to Test the Heart – Power of Ignorance

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Alicia Chapter 20.6: The Awoken Dream to Test the Heart – Infiltration Start

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Alicia Chapter 20.5: The Awoken Dream to Test the Heart – Continuing

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Alicia Chapter 20.4.3: The Awoken Dream to Test the Heart – Confronting Final Quarter

“Incidentally,” Aqua continued. “Lei happened to be from a noble family, one that is different from the noble we are fighting against.

“Whatever happens, make sure that she survives. It will complicate things further if another noble is plunged into this mess.” (more…)