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an: I literally have no idea on writing this interlude, I wanted to make a school chapter and then I was watching Cardcaptor Sakura and see the episode where there is a student fair and the Cinderella play with reversed gender roles and I was like ‘that’s it!’.

Kaomagi Earth

Year 2018

Third week of April

“Here is your fried rice with fried chicken, thank you very much!”

“One fried rice with chicken please!”

“Alright, one fried rice with chicken on the behalf of whom?”


“Okay! Another fried rice with chicken!”

“Got it!”

“That will be 2 dollars.”

It was the annual easter fair, on the day before spring break, Bell Academy held where students set up a stand and sell stuff since its parent company was a conglomerate that sold stuff, so its school would make the students have that experience too.

All students take part grouped by their respective classes and may sell whatever they want other than the obvious drugs, alcohol, or other contraband. If they don’t want to do that, they could instead provide service as long as it was appropriate.

Furthermore, you get to transform the entire classroom to whatever’s appropriate to your business, and you must report the amount of investment and the earnings at the end of the event as it’s also graded.

And of course, no sabotaging your competition.

While some classes sold a variety of useless knick-knacks, set up games with prizes, and even a massage, Alicia, being the class rep and leader in this event, went for something simple.

“One fried rice with sausage!” Owen shouted.

“Here you go, one fried rice with sausage, thank you!” Alicia exclaimed, giving a paper bowl of fried rice with fried chicken on top with the name ‘Charles’ written on the bowl to a grade-schooler.

The town where Bell Academy was located was inhabited by people who don’t normally eat rice. So, what better way than to sell rice products. It’s something unique than other classes selling french fries which you can get from any fast-food chain and healthier too. The menu consisted of rice or fried rice with toppings of chicken, beef, eggs, etc.

Alicia had decorated her classroom into an Asian-like bar with its cheap paper decorations written in kanjis with meaning that has something to do with an Asian restaurant according to Go*gle translate written on it. Using class tables and chairs as seats and a line of tables to separate the kitchen. Portable stoves were rented from the school so it wouldn’t be too pricey as those must also be inputted as investment, so no bringing your own to make it essentially free. Kitchen utensils and paper bowls must be bought from outside sources though, and again it must be written on investments.

There were 19 students in her class, 11 male and 8 female. 4 boys including Owen were in charge of cooking (they were forced to learn how to cook), 6 girls including Alicia are the waiter. 2 male students were janitors, cleaning the mess anyone made, and the remaining 3 female students stood outside the classroom to attract customers in. The remaining 5 of the boys were nowhere to be seen.



A skinny boy in a white hoodie and blue jeans with a white muffler wrapped around the neck even though it’s spring came in.

He looked at the menu and said. “One fried rice.”

“Any toppings?” the waitress asked.

“No, just fried rice,” he huffed.

“Alright then,” the student shrugged. “One fried rice on the behalf of whom?”

Well, you all know the identity of this man.

Yes, I’m talking to you readers.

“William,” Will said.

“Alright, one fried rice!” the waitress student shouted to the boys whilst taping Will’s order to a table. “No toppings!”

“Got it!”

“That will be one dollar,” the waitress student turned back to Will to which he gave her the bill. “Thank you!”

The boy with the muffler then sat on a nearby seat.

Moments later…

“One fried rice!” Owen yelled putting the paper bowl down.

Alicia received the bowl and served it to Will. “Here is your fried rice, thank you!”

Consequently, Alicia used the second method [Telepathy] to start a conversation. It won’t be good if she suddenly talks to those around them, sees Will as a complete stranger to Alicia.

A surprise to see you here. You lived in another state, right?

Yeah, I used the transporter to get here, your old man forced me to come here. (Will)

I get that father would invite you here, but is it fine to use the transporter for something like this?

I’m the Air Guardian, I’m pretty much a boss. (Will)

Now that’s an abuse of authority!

Shut up, Voice. (Will)

That said, why just fried rice?

Cause all the toppings are meat. (Will)

He’s vegan. (Owen)

I did not know that…

Wow! No wonder you’re like a celery stick! (Voice)

Wha- (Will)

Voice, that is rude!

How come a persona of a Maneg Soul of a Court Wizard like her this annoying!? (Will)

Tru- Believe me, I don’t know. (Owen)

You almost said ‘trust’!

Shut up, you stupid pixie! (Owen)

That said and done, Will finished his meal quickly and left the classroom.

an: [Telepathy] can be used to connect with multiple Court Wizards at once.

Azhure: So, what do you all think of this sub-chapter? Is it good? Are there any problems with it? Any reviews or feedback is appreciated as long as they’re not plain insults meant to blow off your stress.

Voice: Don’t do that to people! Not even on the internet!

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