Five, Twenty-three, and Twenty-nine Years Ronald’s Collection Memory 1: Meetings

Azhure: So here is the second story of Wizards of the Otherworldly Court. Enough said, enjoy.

Voice: And if you’re wondering about the title tags, check out the notes at the end of this Chap- er, Memory! (more…)


Stories of the Otherworldly Court: The Bell Family of Cheapskates

Azhure: Read after book Alicia, though preferably after the upcoming next book. But since I wrote this before that, I’ll make sure not to spoil the next book.

Voice: But spoilers for book three, that’s not even being written yet!

Azhure: As of this story’s release.



(Final) Alicia Chapter 21.2: The Choice – Advice

Azhure: Yesterday, as of this chapter’s upload, I added ‘critical fixes’ to the previous chapter which clarifies Alicia’s problem being a passive listener.



Alicia (Final) Chapter 21.1: The Choice – Contemplation

Azhure: With that, I have rewritten the first twelve chapters. The note after this chapter will explain why I did so. And with that, this is the end… part one.



Alicia Chapter 20.1: The Awoken Dream to Test the Heart – Prelude

Azhure: The end is near. I thank you for reading this so far.

Voice: But don’t think it’s over yet!

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Alicia Interlude 2: School Life 1

an: I literally have no idea on writing this chapter, I wanted to make a school chapter and then I was watching Cardcaptor Sakura and saw the episode where there is a student fair and the Cinderella play with reversed gender roles and I was like ‘that’s it!’.



Alicia Chapter 4: Mother Is From Another World!


“Aah!” Irene screamed as burning wood fell upon her.

“Irene!” her relative shouted in despair.



However, another flame in the shape of a sphere flew towards it, destroying the would-be end of the blonde woman.

She looked to where the fireball came from. “S-Sir Ronald!? Sir Joshua!?” she gasped, seeing the familiar men. “What are you doing here!?”

“There’s no time to explain!” Ronald shouted. “We’re getting all of you out!” (more…)