Secret Nation Chronicles Pilot S: About URT’s Founding and Court Wizards

Azhure: This is officially the longest chapter I’ve written without breaks thus far.

Voice: How the heck did that happen!?

Azhure: It started from the implication I realized while writing the pilot that I then decide to have it as a conversation between Alicia, you, and Amelia.

Voice: Evil Mad Scientist Lady!?

Azhure: Yes, Voice. And then I ended dumping more and more ideas while somehow stringing them into a coherent conversation about what I plan for Secret Nation Chronicles and some lore about the Eleven-Century War that relates to the world of Erdale. The implication has become a footnote at this point.

Voice: Why didn’t you split the chapter?

Azhure: I couldn’t find a good spot to split it. (more…)


Five, Twenty-three, and Twenty-five Years Mid Collection Chapter S: Regarding Aqua Becoming the Fire Guardian

Azhure: I’m back and Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year.

Voice: Now here’s a big fat lore dump for ya!

Azhure: Hence the titling. (more…)


Five, Twenty-three, and Twenty-five Years Interlude 1: Bunch of Experiments 3

Took place in between Ronald and Owen’s Collections. (more…)


Alicia Post Chapter: Modules

Azhure: It is as it says, after the final chapter, anything after that are post chapters. This one gives you important lore around Fantasy Laws. Tomorrow will be the epilogue.



Alicia Chapter 20.7: The Awoken Dream to Test the Heart – Vague Orders

Azhure: Another lore piece that you need to read. Still tied to the story. (more…)


Alicia Interlude 3: Bunch of Experiments 1

Researcher: Dr. Amelia Rickens
Subject: Alicia Bell (‘volunteer’)
Test: How Orders are affected when using loyal maneg instead of disloyal maneg.