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“Loyal maneg return!”

With that, a ball emitting light broke down into motes of white and scurried back to Amelia’s Maneg Soul.

Alicia, seeing this, gasped. “Amelia, did you?”

“Fufufu.” After turning the lights on, Amelia crossed her arms with a huge smug on her face. “Exactly! I, Amelia Rickens, the genius I am have figured out how to use your Vague Order, [Mundane Ordering]. Kinda tricky at first, but once I did, I just need to tell my Maneg Soul to switch to loyal maneg and bada bing-bada boom, I can even give vaguer Orders.”

This was certainly a sight to behold. Today, Alicia, having resolved to her role in the Otherworldly Court by her own choice, was just laying the groundwork for what that resolve entailed when Amelia just showed up and dragged her to the upper room of the light chamber.

There, upon entering the bedroom-turned-laboratory, she saw the Order [Shine] lighting the room brightly. After that, Amelia recalled it with the phrase that Alicia frequently used, meaning that maneg formation was from loyal maneg.

“What! How dare you steal my Alicia’s specialty, Evil Mad Scientist Lady!?” Voice shrieked. But somehow, Alicia felt that it wasn’t genuine, as if the pixie already knew.

Regardless, Alicia asked, “Amelia, how did you manage to replicate it?”

“Classified.” The scientist deadpanned.

Alicia blinked. “Um, what?”

“Classified,” Amelia repeated.

“Is there anything wrong with-”

“Nope, nothing’s wrong. But it’s sensitive data, so no leaking. Don’t take it personally and think about it too much,” Amelia excused as she patted Alicia’s shoulder.

Unknowingly to Alicia, Voice gave the scientist a deep glare, her eyes saying, ‘Why did you show my master that!?’

“A-Alright then,” Alicia relented. “But did you invited me here just to show this to me?”

“Oh, I wanna do more tests with [Mundane Ordering],” Amelia said with a straight face.

“What!? Didn’t you learn your lesson already!?”

Alicia nodded in agreement, the first and only time she did, Amelia ended up getting beaten by her father.

“Don’t worry.” The scientist swayed her hand down. “I’ve done ’em myself, so they’re perfectly safe.”

“Then why did you drag Alicia in too, then!?”

“To gather more data of course.”

Both Alicia and her pixie looked at the smirking scientist with a long face.

Researcher: Dr. Amelia Rickens

Subject: Dr. Amelia Rickens, Alicia Bell

Test: Further testing of the interaction of normal Orders using loyal maneg, now called [Mundane Ordering] with the Power of Ignorance.

“The Power of Ignorance?” Alicia muttered.

“Yep,” Amelia replied. “I wanna know what happens if you used that with loyal maneg. Already did it myself, so I wanna see if it’s the same with you.”

Experiment 4

General use of [Mundane Ordering] with the Power of Ignorance.

Test 1: Order an [Elemental Ball] with loyal maneg and ignore an object.

Result: [Lightball] with loyal maneg was able to phase through a book various thicknesses. Further testing with multiple obstacles (meaning more ignore commands) has shown the same results. The [Lightball] has kept its integrity as it phased through the objects.

“Alright,” Amelia said. “Now you try it, Alicia. Just add ignore to your Vague Order.”

She presented a table with the book ‘Maneg 101, by Amelia Rickens’ standing on it.

“Alright then,” Alicia channeled her loyal maneg. “Voice?”

“Got it! One [Fireball] coming right up!” And since Voice was there, the [Fireball] already manifested itself and hurled itself towards the book.


And the book was turned into a pile of ashes.

“It did not work?” Alicia said.

“Oops, my bad!”

“You did it on purpose!?” Amelia growled at the [Avatar].

“Heh!” Voice smirked.

They tried it again and the result was the same as Amelia. The [Fireball] properly phased through the other copy of the book without a single loyal maneg breaking off. Other tests that Amelia went through yielded the same results for Alicia.

Additional Result: Testing with Alicia, the creator of [Mundane Ordering], yield the same result.

Test 2: Same as the previous test but in worlds aside from Manegia.

Result: Same results as the previous test. No degradation of [Mundane Ordering] whatsoever.

“Why would we need to do this?” Alicia asked.

“As you know,” Amelia explained. “What remains of the original Fantasy Law in this world interferes with the Maneg System the weakest. You know the Efficiency in our ID’s is the ones in Manegia, which is the highest compared to every other world. So we gotta test on a world that doesn’t.”

And so, the two Court Wizards world-hopped to many worlds from Kaomagi Earth to Osianicd Archipelago. Never mind the ‘curse’ where one Court Wizard will always fall into water when transferred in the world of water, Alicia had lost count how many times she has transferred.

“Hah… hah…” Alicia’s breath was ragged as she held onto the chair for support.

“So~ tiring!”

Amelia, however, gingerly wrote down her results despite being soaking wet from the curse that was the transferring to Osianicd Archipelago.

Additional Results: Alicia’s [Mundane Ordering] has shown the same results as Amelia’s.

End Report.

Experiment 5

Investigation of whether loyal maneg is in the plane of the Fantasy Law or not.

“Like the ones in the atmosphere, disloyal maneg inside our Maneg Souls hides inside the plane of the Fantasy Law,” Amelia began. “We know this because of the Special Order known as [Court Wizard’s Aura] where all the disloyal maneg shift into this plane and circulate beneath our skin to eliminate the delay after we give Orders.”

Azhure: I’m sure I have written what Amelia said above before. Couldn’t find it.

“And you assumed it is not the case for loyal maneg?” Alicia asked.

“Yeah, it’s because of Aqua.”

“Hm? Why is that?”

“She’s a body-less soul. So what you see is her ‘naked’ soul meaning two cases; either it’s an exception for her kind, or that’s her loyal maneg we’re looking at.”

“I see.”

Test 1: Testing delay between [Mundane Ordering] and normal Orders, with and without [Court Wizard’s Aura].


“And~ done.” Amelia looked at the footage she gathered on her expensive-looking camera.

The solution to this test was to record Alicia ordering [Mundane Ordering] out loud while being recorded with a high-speed camera. Then, Amelia will compare the footage with a normal Order and another one under [Court Wizard’s Aura], seeing whether there’s a difference between their delays.

As to using [Court Wizard’s Aura], which apparently required chanting an aria like traditional magic spells, it was quite the experience for Alicia. It wasn’t every day when you can make your skin glow red. Normally, it was dangerous to use [Court Wizard’s Aura]

“Alright now let’s hook this baby up!” the scientist exclaimed.

Result: The difference in delay between Vague Orders and normal Orders is one second. Vague Orders, Vague Orders under [Court Wizard’s Aura], and normal Orders under [Court Wizard’s Aura] have relatively the same delay after the Order was given.

Test 2: Get Voice to hide inside the plane of the Fantasy Law.

“Please~?” Amelia pleaded with the pixie. “We already proved that the foreign Fantasy Law doesn’t break down a Vague Order inside its plane, so do it for maneg science!”


“Voice?” Alicia spoke. “I do not think Amelia will let you go without trying it.”

“…Fine!” Voice grumbled.

And without flying back inside Alicia’s Maneg Soul, Voice simply shimmered out of sight. It was like the opacity of a picture slowly reduced to zero percent.

“Ooh…” Alicia raised her eyebrow.

Five seconds later, Voice reappeared.

“There, happy!?”

“Good,” Amelia praised. “So how was inside the Fantasy Law?”

“Eh, I don’t know!? Just those bunch annoying lines and equations trying to undo me which didn’t work at all, obviously!”

“Lines and equations?” Amelia inquired. “What do you mean by that?”

“Ugh! It’s like this…”

“I see, I see… Fuhahahaha!” Amelia laughed.

“Uh oh! She lost it!”

“Huh? What is wrong, Amelia?” Alicia asked worriedly.

“It’s alright, Alicia,” Amelia reassured her. “Because your pixie here just showed what the Fantasy Law, and by extension, the Scientific Law, looked like. This will be great for my world database overhaul!”

“Uh…” Alicia mumbled, staring at the joyful scientist. “You are welcome?”

“But wait! I need more data to be sure… Aha! I know, I’ll get Aqua inside the Fantasy Law!” Amelia concluded.

“You are teaching Aqua [Mundane Ordering]!?” Alicia exclaimed.

“Of course!” Amelia retorted. “In the name of maneg science, nothing’s gonna hide from a genius like me!

“And we just proved that loyal maneg in our Maneg Souls is always in the physical plane, so what would happen if Aqua were to hide her’s in the Fantasy Law? Will she be completely invisible? Or with only her loyal maneg incorporeal, the part that made her a water spirit remain? If so, will her appearance revert back to her original color? But will she also shrink to make up for her loyal maneg hiding away her mass in the process?

“Ooh…! The possibilities!” With that, the scientist dashed out of the laboratory.

“She forgot her current test,” Alicia muttered.


Azhure: So, what do you all think of this part? Is it good? Are there any problems with it? Any reviews or feedback is appreciated as long as they’re not plain insults meant to blow off your stress.

Voice: Don’t do that to people! Not even on the internet!

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