Secret Nation Chronicles Pilot S: About URT’s Founding and Court Wizards

Azhure: This is officially the longest chapter I’ve written without breaks thus far.

Voice: How the heck did that happen!?

Azhure: It started from the implication I realized while writing the pilot that I then decide to have it as a conversation between Alicia, you, and Amelia.

Voice: Evil Mad Scientist Lady!?

Azhure: Yes, Voice. And then I ended dumping more and more ideas while somehow stringing them into a coherent conversation about what I plan for Secret Nation Chronicles and some lore about the Eleven-Century War that relates to the world of Erdale. The implication has become a footnote at this point.

Voice: Why didn’t you split the chapter?

Azhure: I couldn’t find a good spot to split it. (more…)


Secret Nation Chronicles Pilot: The Fake Slave Trader 3

Azhure: Happy Chinese New Year, everyone. About the implication I said in the last part, I decided to have it be a written scene than just being told in this author’s notes. And because this part is getting too long, I decided to make it in part four.

Voice: Bruh!

Azhure: That said, the implication is teased a bit at the end of this part. Anyway, college is about to start again, and enjoy. (more…)


Secret Nation Chronicles Pilot: The Fake Slave Trader 2

Azhure: This is the second part of the Secret Nation Chronicles pilot story. I’m still not finished yet and there will be a third part which should be the last. After that, I can move on to Owen’s Collection.

Voice: Hey, Azhure! Don’t you have something else to tell!?

Azhure: Yes, as I write this I realized an implication. One that relates to the Eleven-Century War, but I’m discussing it after the third part as it will be relevant to it.

Voice: Seriously!? Fine! Then stay tuned, everyone! (more…)


Secret Nation Chronicles Pilot: The Fake Slave Trader 1

Azhure: This is going to be something new that I’m going to try under the Wizards of the Otherworldly Court Other Stories. It still takes place in the Wizards of the Otherworldly Court universe except there is little to no involvement of Court Wizard.

Voice: Except for one story!

Azhure: Yes, and it will be important to the history of the aforementioned Secret Nation. If you didn’t know, Secret Nation Chronicles will be a series of loosely connected one-shots, that may be split into multiple parts (which means it wouldn’t be a one-shot), surrounding the Secret Nation before its eventual reveal.

Azhure: It will be sparsely updated. After all parts of the pilot are finished, the next one-shot will only be done after book Five, Twenty-three, and Twenty-nine Years is completed.

Voice: Anyway, here’s the description!

In the ashes of the Great War, the races of Erdale gathered together beyond the Forest of Demons and found a book.