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“Oh, crud!” Aqua groaned.

A bunch of red slabs of metal sprawled throughout the floor of the Fire Guardian’s chamber.

And the trio of Fire Wizard girls just so happened to enter the room.

“Oh! What happened?” The wheel-chaired bound vampire asked. Her wheelchair pushed by Jill.

“I was sorting out the ID’s and I dropped them,” Aqua sighed. “And now they are all over the floor.”

“We will help you pick them up! Right, ladies?” The vampire got up, releasing her loyal maneg to reinforce her broken leg.


“Thank you…”

As they picked up the scattered slabs of metal, Alicia noticed Rose’s ID om the Species section.

“Sharp-teethed human (Vampire)?”

“That is how the Otherworldly Court classifies Rose.” The Fire Guardian said.

“Hmm? But why this name? Is Rose not a vampire? Though, there is the name vampire under brackets.”

“Well, we might as well discuss how we fill these ID’s.” Aqua said. “From this template,”

Element Color:
Cherished Armament:

“Name, age, sex, element, element color, rank are all straightforward. No need to explain them.

“What you ask on species naming, we first need to know this.

“Let us take a half-animal, people in Beohar calls them ‘Half-Beost’, people in Kaomagi calls them ‘Eria’s Children’, another world calls them ‘animal-eared folk’ and another world calls them ‘People of the forest’, though the last one should have been for elves. But, all of them are pretty much the same kind.

“With many different naming in many worlds, we need to give a common name so we would not need to stress over names.

“The naming system was devised by the First Guardians when the Otherworldly Court was formed.

“We used a human in ‘Earth’ such as your world, Kaomagi Earth, as a baseline due to the numerous similar worlds with the same planet with the same name.

“We name a species based on appearance that a human with no prior knowledge of everything fantasy and named it based on what they would describe them, in comparison to a human.

“For a vampire like Rose, she looked like a human with a pair of long sharp teeth. For a human who does not know what a vampire is, let alone knowing the name, they would call a vampire a ‘sharp-teethed human’. The name under the brackets is what the species calls itself.”

“I see…”

“But, it is rather insulting…” Rose complained.

“Yes,” Aqua said. “My ID said that I am a ‘body-less soul’. The nerve of them!”

“Wow, then the First Guardians named themselves rather rudely, huh?”

“Well, no.” The water spirit rebutted. ” The First Guardians used their position to pitch how they call themselves as the species name.

“Elf, dwarf, fairy, pixie, dragon, and L.E.A.U. (Living Electrical Android Unit).

“And yes, a fully-sized dragon was a Guardian.”

“What is a L.E.A.U.?”

“An acronym for a type of cyborg.”

“I see…”

“They were basically abusing their power,” Jill complained.

“Anyway, that is the basic idea of how we name ourselves. We also have our way of classifying worlds, but we will discuss it later. We still need to tidy up this mess.”



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