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Read after book Alicia Chapter 7

During the weeks before Alicia’s second assignment and after the first assignment.

“So, what does a Maneg Soul take into consideration in picking a person to merge with its soul?” Alicia asked.

“Well,” Aqua explained. “First, you should understand that Maneg Soul will prioritize its vessel’s survival first.”


“Then the factor is the knowledge of the existence of Court Wizards in general.”

“Because it would avoid any ‘unnecessary scenarios’?”

“Yes, that is correct. The next is whether your parents are Court Wizards too like your father is a Court Wizard and so does your grandfather.”

“I get the idea. Do you know my father’s element and my grandfather’s?.”

“They were both fire and so does your great grandfather.”

“So lineage also affects the element you get.”

“Yes, and the next factor is affinity with the element in general. Someone who lives with the sea would most likely receive a water Maneg Soul. A fire spirit magic user would receive a fire Maneg Soul, to enhance their fire capabilities. Essentially, a matter of convenience.”

“And yet, you are a water spirit who receives a fire Maneg Soul…”

“I know… I would not be a good example for that.” Aqua smiled wryly.

“Next is the character of the vessel.”

“What about it?”

“Because if a person who receives a Maneg Soul used it for evil will make people to band together to take them down.”

“I see… Maneg Souls could tell a good person and a bad person.”

“Yes, and that is why most Court Wizards are generally good people and you will not be seeing any arrogant Court Wizard.”

“Lastly,” Aqua explained. “The lifespan of the soul.”

“Well, I suppose Maneg Soul would prefer people that live long…”

“However, there is a catch. Souls with long lifespans are said to be more ‘resistant’ to merging. It is easier for a Maneg Soul to merge with a human soul whose lifespan is about 70 years or so than a soul who could live for thousands of years. Immortal souls are simply impossible to merge with. That is why most Court Wizards here are humans.”

“I see…”

“During merging, there is a chance that it would fail in which then, the Maneg Soul simply dies and the host will carry on their life.”

Aqua continued.

“However, as souls who aged long enough become less ‘resistant’ to merging hence, Court Wizards who have long lives would receive Maneg Souls much later in life.”

“Then how old are you? Oh sorry for asking a lady her age…”

“That is fine, technically speaking, I am genderless but I am well over my nine hundreds.”

“That old!?”

“Now that is quite rude.”


“That is alright” Aqua accepted her apology.”

“Now then,” Aqua continued. “Maneg Souls created for Mother Souls to inhabit a soul are much more pickier. The Maneg Soul too is much more powerful however, it only has the strength to merge with a soul whose remaining lifespan is that of a human.”

“T-Then that means…!”

“For us greater spirits of Spiri Raia, our lives are but a thousand years or so. I have existed since the birth of the world and have been watching over it since. Furthermore, I have already appointed my successor for when I depart.”

Alicia frowned downcast.

“No need to be sad, dear. All life should eventually end hence, we must make the most of it. There is no need to frown.”

Alicia nodded with the lighter expression returned.

“Well then, those four are the general factors when a Maneg Soul chooses its vessel. There are many more factors, but most of them are trivial and would take forever to discuss every single one of them.” The greater water spirit picked up a tray of glasses filled with juice. “Now then, let us bring these to the rest of the girls.”

“Sure!” Alicia said, picking up the tray of cookies.

“Yay! Cookies!” Voice said.

They then leave the kitchen of the Fire Guardian chamber.


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