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Type: Order

Command Class: Creation

Creator: ???

Typical Time Interval: 1-∞

Suitable Element: nature (flora)

Creates a rope out of nature maneg of the plant side used to tie things or choking someone death. To make it last longer, leaves were sculpted around the creation to increase Time Interval.

Typical Order: create line x thickness, sculpt leaf shape x length x position, *whatever step to make the Order last longer*


Type: Order

Command Class: Formation

Creator: Unknown

Typical Time Interval: 2-3

Suitable Elements: life, light, water, lightning, ice, air, nature, earth, fire, dark, death

It forms a wall, that’s it.

Oh, and all Elements can carry out the Order properly as intended. At the same time, not all Elements are able to do similar Orders.

Typical Order: form x shape x position, lock, reinforce*


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