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Lightning Strike

Type: Order

Command Class: Formation

Creators: Amelia Rickens, Zekie ??? ???

Typical Time Interval: 4-5

Suitable Element: lightning

After nearly 1.4+ millennia since the Maneg System supposedly existed, a Light Court Wizard actually figure out how to emulate a lightning strike.

After months of research and dozens of experiments that result in discovering how lightning maneg really works, this Order was developed by Amelia with the help of the Guardian of the Mother Soul of Lightning, Zekie ??? ???.

By forming a large mass of lightning maneg set in negative charge high in the sky and an equally large positive mass of lightning maneg on the ground beneath the former, it will cause the former to unleash a discharge of electricity down to the latter and shocks anything between them to death due to the sheer amount of amps generated for the large amount of voltage needed for the lightning strike to even occur. Sometimes, a wire between the two masses is formed to ensure the negative mass does not shoot its lighting to somewhere else.

Typical Order: form x shape x (ground) position positive charge, form x shape x (sky) position negative charge, form line x thick connect previous two formations*, set voltage x volt, discharge



Type: Order

Command Class: Formation

Creator: Amelia Rickens

Typical Time Interval: 2

Suitable Element: light

Another Order created as a result of Amelia Rickens’ experiments. It forms a layer of light maneg that is set to reflect any light coming to it.

Typical Order: form x 2d shape x size x position, reflect on x side

Mundane Ordering

Type: Vague Order

Origin: Wish

Creator: Alicia Bell

Suitable Element: life, light, water, lightning, ice, air, nature, earth, fire*, dark, death

*Only case, other Elements are hypothetically capable of this Vague Order too.

A Vague Order which enables normal Orders to be ordered with loyal maneg and it can be given vaguely too (though holders of this Vague Order are still advised to use traditional ordering for training thought process before using the full advantage of this Vague Order).

This means Orders can be given with the Time-Interval bypassed completely and conveyed faster. However, it also opens the risk for loyal maneg to be damaged and thus hurting the Court Wizard as well.

The Trigger occurs when the Court Wizard without disloyal maneg tries to give a normal Order as if they have disloyal maneg. Loyal maneg will be used instead.

It also requires a particular mindset shown in the first case, Alicia Bell, who developed this Vague Order due to ~Access denied, requires Amelia Ricken’s Maneg Soul signature~.

Amelia has tested this theory by taking that mindset, draining her disloyal maneg, and giving an Order. It succeeded and she can still use it despite having disloyal maneg back by conveying a ‘vague’ Order.

Order Abort

Type: Order

Command Class: Vary

Creator: Unknown

Typical Time Interval: –

Suitable Element: life, light, water, lightning, ice, air, nature, earth, fire, dark, death

By using the phrases ‘End active Orders,’ ‘Cease all Orders,’ ‘Abort all active Orders,’ ‘Stop all ongoing Orders,’ or anything similar, the Court Wizard can immediately fully break off all Orders from that Court Wizard that are still active. This is mostly useful to prevent a misfired Order from doing unwanted harm though other applications are possible. For example, an [Elemental Ball] coming towards an ally will immediately disappear by using this Order.

However, it is noted that Court Wizards often forget this Order exists which leads to avoidable incidents just by simply dismissing the Order prematurely. One such incident involves Owen Ruze furiously [Eject]ing to Alice Es’ location to block a stray [Fireball] from Alicia Bell when he could’ve just told her to dismiss it.

The only problem with this Order is that it affects all active Orders. A Court Wizard giving multiple Orders at once will find all of them dismissed upon using [Order Abort]. To counteract this, Amelia Rickens proposed by giving Orders an ‘id,’ one could stop individual Orders instead of all of them. This would have little use as Court Wizards typically give Orders one at a time multiple targets at once anyway.

Order Break

Type: Order Step

Command Class: Breaking

Creator: Unknown

Typical Time Interval: –

Suitable Element: life, light, water, lightning, ice, air, nature, earth, fire, dark, death

By saying ‘Order break,’ every step before it until the previous Order break or the opening, ‘I order you,’ are wrapped in a ‘Sub-Order.’ The next steps ordered will become its own Sub-Order and will not affect the previous.

It is useful to allow the Court Wizard to give the same Order multiple times but with different directional parameters in one go. For example, when ordering two [Elemental Ball]s, the first formation is given to go to the left; then, Order Break is given and the second formation is given to go to the right.

If Order Break was not given, the step for the second formation to go diagonally right would’ve overwritten the first formation’s step to go diagonally left, thus having two [Elemental Ball]s going diagonally left in parallel instead of separate paths.

However, because of this step’s function, each Sub-Order has separate Time Intervals based on the number of steps in that Sub-Order. For example, the first Sub-Order has two steps while the second Sub-Order has three steps, the Time Intervals for these Sub-Orders are two seconds and three seconds respectively. The Order Break step does not contribute to the Time Interval as it is equivalent to the closing ‘thus is my Order’ for the Sub-Order.

Order Delay

Type: Order Step

Command Class: Delaying

Creator: Unknown

Typical Time Interval: –

Suitable Element: life, light, water, lightning, ice, air, nature, earth, fire, dark, death

A step that allows the next step of an Order to be delayed. By saying ‘delay 3 seconds,’ the next step will only be carried out after three seconds. This step adds to the Time Interval

This Order step is primarily used to prevent the step that changes direction parameters (or any step that overwrites previous steps) for non-Progressive Orders to come into effect immediately without the previous directional step activating or to create timing to prevent ‘missed shots’ that would waste maneg, such as putting a delay between shots when aiming [Elemental Ball]s with an arm that would otherwise spur out like a machine gun which would result in wasted [Elemental Ball]s.

Other delay conditions can be given such as delay until the first formation hits something, after the integrity of the Order falls to x percent (though in what context this is used would be very unlikely to come by), after traveling a certain distance for the first example in the previous paragraph or even after the Court Wizard says a ‘trigger word’ (not to be confused with the trigger Command) for the case of the second example in the previous paragraph. How it’s used depends on the creativity of the Court Wizard.

Order Repeat

Type: Order Step

Command Class: Repeating

Creator: Unknown

Typical Time Interval: –

Suitable Element: life, light, water, lightning, ice, air, nature, earth, fire, dark, death

A step that allows the Court Wizard to ‘repeat’ parts of or the entire Order so they do not need to manually say it again.

By saying ‘repeat last Order,’ the Maneg Soul will perform the last Order given. Additionally, one can say ‘repeat last Order 7 times’ and the last Order will be repeated seven times, each with its own Time Interval. However, as it will repeat the last Order, its parameters are fixed. So it is inflexible unless the Court Wizard uses body gestures for the direction parameters.

If one says ‘repeat previous step,’ then the previous step of an Order is repeated and counted towards the Order’s Time Interval. Useful when a Court Wizard wanted to make multiple formations or creations, but formations will form in the same location unless the previous formation moved first.

There are more applications of [Order Repeat] than the previous two examples, it’s up to the Court Wizard to creatively make the best out of it.


Type: Order

Command Class: Scanner

Creator: Benjamin

Typical Time Interval: 2

Suitable Element: light, water, lightning, air, fire

At first, this Order was called [EMP], but later on, Amelia Rickens convinced the creator that it was not and changed the name.

It is an Order derivated from [Elemental Scan]. Instead of marking the specific signature, it ‘overloads’ it, causing relative effects. Below are the common signatures scanned and increased for the suitable Element.

Light: the light signature and increase light intensity. Commonly used to cause blindness or destroy light bulbs.

Water: the water signature and increase water pressure. Commonly used to burst water containers open to surprise opponents.

Lightning: the electricity signature and increase the voltage. Commonly used to disable machinery.

Air: the air signature of certain pressure and increase it. Commonly used to burst sealed containers open to surprise opponents.

Fire: the oxidation signature and increase it. Commonly used to make preexisting fire large to surprise opponents carrying torches and the like or for plain arson.

Typical Order: scan x signature x radius, increase x signature quality x measurement

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