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Type: Order

Command Class: Formation

Creator: ???

Typical Time Interval: 2

Suitable Element: water, lightning, ice, air, nature, earth, fire

An Order that forms a circle on the ground only to erect a pillar, striking unsuspecting foes. It can be achieved by giving a set amount of time after the Order was carried out, or the maneg formation is set to erect the moment an unfortunate soul steps on it.

Typical Order 1: form cylinder x diameter x height, after x time delay sculpt gradual increase height to x in x time

Typical Order 2: form cylinder x diameter x height, upon contact sculpt gradual increase height to x in x time

Plant Arm

Type: Vague Order

Origin: Wish

Creator: Jonathan

Suitable Element: nature (flora)

After losing his right arm during the War of the Princes in Coastline, Qantasia, Jonathan developed his loyal maneg to replace his lost arm.

Christened ‘Plant Arm,’ this Vague Order creates an identical right arm for Jonathan composed from his loyal maneg. The amount of loyal maneg used is approximately 7% out of 35% of his loyal maneg composition in his Maneg Soul.

Jonathan can relay Orders to the Plant Arm. The Plant Arm automates the content of the Order according to the Order name Jonathan gives, and the vaguer directive for it. Disloyal maneg is used in this case.

While Plant Arm could make conventional Orders easier to use, it has its own Orders tailored to itself.

[Stretch and Grapple] is a Vague-Extension Orders that used disloyal maneg to extend the Plant Arm’s length, shooting out like a grappling hook and grabbing anything it landed upon.


Type: Order

Command Class: Formation

Creator: ???

Typical Time Interval: 2

Suitable Element: ice, nature, earth

After the Eleven-Century War, when Court Wizards are more concerned with staying hidden, an alternative Order to get around without catching everyone’s attention to the loud noise of [Eject] was needed. This Order may have been used during the War, though that was never proven so the creator of this Order still takes the credit.

A simple Order which forms maneg to act as a stepping tool for Court Wizards to traverse unreachable places such as climbing steep walls or getting over huge gaps without the use of [Eject] while keeping themselves hidden.

Typical Order: form x shape x size x location, lock


Type: Order

Command Class: Formation

Creator: ???

Typical Time Interval: 2

Suitable Element: life, light, water, lightning, ice, air, nature, earth, fire, dark, death

A derivation of [Wall].

The Order that had become one of the basis for the 6th Guardian of the Mother Soul of Earth’s Vague-Intermediary Order [Earth Manipulation].

Forms a wall of maneg that travels along a direction, pushing everything in its way. Pushes objects related to the Order’s Element better.

Typical Order: form x 2d shape x size, travel x direction


Type: Order

Command Class: Creation

Creator: Joshua Ruze

Typical Time Interval: 5

Suitable Elements: ice, nature (beast), earth

A creation Order that creates a rapier, a light slender blade primarily used for thrusting. The sculpting of the grip of the Order alone makes this creation Order last long.

Typical Order: Order: create rectangle x length x wide x thick, sculpt upper rectangle converge all vertex to single point, sculpt cylinder x diameter x length at bottom rectangle, sculpt hollow half-circle x diameter x thick on cylinder, sculpt half-hollow sphere x diameter on upper end of cylinder

Refraction Suit

Type: Progressive Order

Command Class: Coating

Creator: Amelia Rickens

Typical Time Interval: 3-???

Suitable Element: light

A result of Amelia’s experiments with light maneg which started when she learned of Daisuke Fujiwara’s [Camouflage] Progressive Order.

The Progressive Order coats the Court Wizard in light maneg which bends the light that enters it, preventing contact with the Court Wizard, thus achieving invisibility.

The first version of the Order was still imperfect as it left blurs but as time goes on, Amelia developed better versions of this Progressive Order.

Typical Order:

First version: coat x body x gap between coating and x body, refract light entering coating x degree angle, refract light back to initial angle when exiting coating

Final version: ???


Type: Vague Order

Origin: Wish

Creator: Unknown

Suitable Element: life, light, water, lightning, ice, air, nature, earth, fire, dark, death

Said to be one of the first Vague Orders. When Soul Weavers Maneg Users became crippled, they would channel their loyal maneg to cover the crippled parts, allowing them to be ‘recovered’ from their disability.

It was only temporarily used until the Soul Weaver Maneg User gets healed properly. But with the founding of the Otherworldly Court, Court Wizards tend to keep their permanent injuries for emotional and reminiscing reasons and used [Reinforcement] when needed.

Trigger happens when the Court Wizard wished for the Vague Order to happen.


Type: Order

Command Class: Creation, Formation

Creator: Unknown

Typical Time Interval: 4-5

Suitable Element: light

One of the first Orders created; the first light maneg Order. Due to the nature of light maneg that is not aligned with ‘light magic’ that Soul Weavers maneg users were familiar with, it took many years to create this simple Order which created as a distraction while the Soul Weaver maneg user goes in for the kill.

This Order can be a creation or a formation.

Typical Formation Order: form sphere x diameter x position, emit, increase intensity by x, after x time end Order

Typical Creation Order: create sphere x diameter, after x time lock, emit, increase intensity by x, after x time end Order


Type: Vague Order

Origin: Wish

Creator: Crea Snows

Suitable Element: lightning

A Vague Order borne out of Crea’s belief and stubbornness in pacifism. Trigger happened during a certain mission which saved the life of her partner.

Forms a layer of loyal lightning maneg, usually in a shape of a hollow dome, to block any projectiles and attacks.

With years of training, Crea could create as many [Shields] in any position she sees and could move it around while it is materialized so long as her loyal maneg supply and concentration is sufficient. She can designate each [Shield] to let projectiles or attacks through a side, to let allies counter-attacking while inside. Unless the attack is on par with a small nuclear bomb, any damage to the [Shield] will not physically hurt Crea.

Spectrum Change

Type: Order Step

Command Class: Sculpting

Creator: Amelia Rickens

Typical Time Interval: N/A

Suitable Element: light

A step of a light Order as a result of Amelia Rickens’ curiosity after discerning the true nature of light maneg. It is used inside a light Order after the step with the Command ’emit’. It allows the light maneg to change wavelength and frequency to emit a different electromagnetic wave in the spectrum, which means gamma to radio waves is possible. If the change in both parameters does not fall into the electromagnetic spectrum, then the Order will fail.

How it’s used in a light Order: …, emit, change to x wavelength x frequency, …


Type: Order

Command Class: Sprayer

Creator: Unknown

Typical Time Interval: 1-2

Suitable Element: lightning, water, ice, air, fire

An Order that ‘sprays’ pure maneg from the Court Wizard’s hand or whatever at absolutely random (at where it faces) unless ordered otherwise (though it will become a new Order entirely.) This Order is very short and simple (1 step only, 2nd step commands to enhance effectiveness depending on Element) to give and usually don’t need any modification and so is memorized. However, the percentage of maneg used has to be specified or too much maneg will be wasted.

Typical Order: spray x percent maneg x direction, *any command to increase effectiveness*


Type: Half-Order

Command Class: Formation

Creator: Amelia Rickens, First Greater Water Spirit Aquarius of Spiri Raia

Typical Time Interval: 3

Suitable Element: fire

Due to how Fantasy Law in Spiri Raia works, the greater water spirit Aquarius’ water spirit arts are weakened by a tremendous amount when outside of Spiri Raia. The greater water spirit’s strength relies upon her complete dominance over all water spirits to lend their power for their leader to unleash the most powerful spirit arts, water spirits that only exist inside Spiri Raia. Alone, the greater water spirit is no different than a single water spirit, if only bigger in stature.

To remedy this, Amelia Rickens devised a Half-Order that takes advantage of Aquarius’ status as the Guardian of the Mother Soul of Fire (well, just being a Fire Court Wizard in general) to enforce what little power she has as a greater water spirit.

The Half-Order essentially forms a ‘super-boiler’ to instantly turn water coming out of a basic water spraying spirit art into hot steam that could scald any unfortunate souls.

Typical Half-Order: form circle x size x position, oxidize, boil x object that pass through


Type: Order

Command Class: Unknown

Creator: Unknown

Typical Time Interval: Unknown

Suitable Element: life, light, water, lightning, ice, air, nature, earth, fire, dark, death

An Order that sends a telepathic message exclusively to other Court Wizards, or to the Transporter Room via Catalyst. There are two ways of performing this Order, and both methods yield different results.

The first method is by putting two fingers to the area behind the ears, connect to the Court Wizard or multiple Court Wizards that you wish to speak to by their Maneg Soul signature. Then think of the sentences which will be automatically sent to the recipient. This is akin to a phone call.

The second method is by ordering the Order the name [Telepathy] in the mind after the sentences you wish to send. And then think of the Court Wizard or multiple Court Wizards you wish to send to by their Maneg Soul signature. Finally, end the Order to send the message. This is akin to sending a text message.

While directing the message to a recipient, it could ‘spill-over’ to other Court Wizards near the pathway from messenger to the receiver, allowing them to intercept the message. This can be mitigated by adding ‘receiver only’ command beforehand.

But doing so will order maneg to form a layer around the maneg carrying the message to prevent the ‘spill-over,’ increasing maneg usage and most Court Wizards have no reason to use it as they would give the message to everyone. However, it’s inadvisable to set the recipient to ‘all’ as focusing on multiple Maneg Soul signatures is tiring and a waste of maneg directing the message to every Court Wizard, so the spill-over property was used advantageously by directing the message to a specific Court Wizard in a way that other Court Wizards in a group picked it up as it travels to the receiver’s position.

[Telepathy] was one of the first Orders created and was one the most mysterious Order. How it was created to be memorized by every Maneg Souls of every Element was unknown. The steps of [Telepathy] were lost centuries ago as there was no need for modification and it was memorized by name by all of the Mother Souls of Maneg Elements. This is also why the Typical Time Interval is uncertain as there are currently no methods to accurately calculate it in an experiment.

Typical Memorized Order:

After locking in to the receiver’s Maneg Soul signature or the Catalyst in Transporter Room:

First Method: *put two finger behind ear*, [Telepathy], receiver only*, *message*

Second Method: receiver only*, *message*, [Telepathy]



Type: Order

Command Class: Formation

Creator: Unknown

Typical Time Interval: 2

Suitable Element: ice, nature, earth

Forms a long-protruding spike under the ground and rises up from it to skewer unsuspecting foes. It can also be set to only protrude from the ground if someone steps on its vicinity.

Typical Order: form cone x diameter x height x position (underground), on contact x distance around formation* protrude x direction


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