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Researcher: Dr. Amelia Rickens
Subject: Alicia Bell (‘volunteer’)
Test: How Orders are affected when using loyal maneg instead of disloyal maneg.

Experiment 1

Effects of using loyal maneg to Order [Telepathy]

Test 1: [Telepathy] ordered in the same world.

Result: [Telepathy] was successful in both methods. Subject’s loyal maneg was able to travel and transmit the message then, return as soon as it has done its Order.

Test 2: Testing the amount of loyal maneg needed for [Telepathy] per distance. Additional Subject: Owen Ruze.

By comparing the minimum amount needed by pressing Subject’s head with Additional Subject’s head then, use [Telepathy]. Then, use [Telepathy] over a set of ranges.

Result: The exact same amount of loyal maneg was used which is the minimum regardless of range (0.001%). This amount could transmit messages even at a faraway distance with little cost.

Test 2: [Telepathy] ordered to Otherworldly Court Transporter Room.

Result: Similar successful results with both methods. Subject’s loyal maneg was able to transmit the message from Kaomagi Earth to the Transporter Room in Manegia. It is unsure how her loyal maneg was able to travel between worlds. Then again, the Catalyst that is the Transporter Room was able to transmit the message to other worlds with disloyal maneg without disrupting the Conservation of Maneg of a world using similar methods to its primary function.

Conclusion: No problems occur when ordering [Telepathy] using loyal maneg.

End report.

Experiment 2

Test of Order using loyal maneg on one world and let the loyal maneg remain while test subject transfer to another world.

Test 1: Giving the Order [Pillar] to form a pillar of loyal maneg in Manegia and then Subject transfers to Kaomagi Earth.
Result: [Pillar] is still left intact even after three hours which by then, Subject recalled the loyal maneg.

Test 2: Recalling loyal maneg in a separate world.
Result: [Pillar] broke down and was recalled from Manegia to Kaomagi Earth.

Test 3: Separating Subject’s loyal maneg ‘representative’ to a separate world.
Result: Upon hearing this, Subject’s loyal maneg ‘representative’ flat out refused to be separated from its master and did not come out of Subject for the entire day.
Further testing had to be done in a later date

Test 3.1: Separating Subject’s loyal maneg ‘representative’ to a separate world without its knowledge.

Result: Separation without Subject’s loyal maneg ‘representative’ was successfully tricked into not knowing its master left the world by occupying it with cookies. It realized the moment the fifteenth second ticked and the transporter activated. It threw a huge tantrum, shouting incomprehensible things, throwing plates, pulling the researcher’s hair and etc. Once Subject returned to Manegia, it rushed to its master crying like a baby.

Note: Subject’s loyal maneg ‘representative’ started to call Researcher ‘Evil Mad Scientist Lady’.

End report.

Experiment 3

Testing the extent of Subject’s loyal maneg endurance.

Experiment 1: Striking a [Pillar] from Subject’s loyal maneg.


Subject’s male parent transferred to Manegia and beaten up the Researcher despite of opposite sex for suggesting this experiment.

End report.


[Pillar] erects a pillar of maneg underneath either by time delay or someone stepping on it.

Order version 1: form cylinder x diameter x height, after x time delay sculpt gradual increase height to x in x time

Order version 2: form cylinder x diameter x height, upon contact sculpt gradual increase height to x in x time

an: I was on a trip and made two interludes in the middle of an amusement park.

Azhure: So, what do you all think of this sub-chapter? Is it good? Are there any problems with it? Any reviews or feedback is appreciated as long as they’re not plain insults meant to blow off your stress.

Voice: Don’t do that to people! Not even on the internet!

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