Law: Scientific

Era: Pre-Modern~Modern

Tech: Sword

Sister: Vary

‘Earths,’ modern scientific worlds of swords.

Discovery Date, if Affected by Eleven-Century War, and Aware of Court Wizards

Geron Yor Earth: ??? and not affected and unaware

Kaomagi Earth: ??? and not affected and few aware

Qantasia Earth: ??? and not affected and unaware

Spiri Raia Earth: ??? and not affected and unaware



In the vast Sea of Sister Worlds, this particular blue world exists as many as there are other unique fantasy worlds. All of them eerily shared the same history, culture, flora and fauna, naming, and even the name of the world, ‘Earth.’

It’s not known whether all of these ‘Earths’ are alternate dimensions to each other that the Otherworldly Court just happened to be able to access or that they all naturally exist in the Sea of Worlds as a bizarre coincidence.

When the First Guardians saw this, they were intrigued and investigated this. Afterwards, they saw how all of these worlds have something that’s different than other worlds, that is they have ‘nothing special.’ And this ‘ordinariness’ was what the First Guardians use as a basis for this entire World’s Profile section, taking one of these ‘Earths’ and making it the baseline. Since then, that particular ‘Earth’ has been dubbed as Earth Base.

This file represents all of the collective ‘Earths’ that are near-identical to each other, and correspond to the classifications above. Those that do not have a separate file of their own.

While all of the ‘Earths’ are under this file, they are still given additional titles for distinction as below in that order of prioritization:

  1. The ‘Earth’ is given the name of its sister world in front, written as x Earth (x being the name of the sister world). Only the first sister world discovered in the Circle will be attached to the ‘Earth.’ So far, there is only one ‘Earth’ observed to not have a sister world which is also the world that the First Guardians set as the baseline for world classifications, Earth Base, and the Otherworldly Court has never discovered the ‘Earth’ before its sister world in a Circle.
  2. If the ‘Earth’ has a great deviation to up to modern Earth Base, or having different classifications than this file’s, or both, it will have its own file and is entitled Alternate Earth x (x being the most distinct element, i.e. first discovered different continent, mainstream object, sapient species other than human, etc. of that ‘Earth’).
  3. In the rare occasions when two sister worlds fused together, these two worlds will then be titled as x-y World Merge (x and y being the respective names of the sister worlds fused. If there are more than three worlds combined, then it will be named with each sister world name, x-y-z-… World Merge).

The exception to these rules is Earth Base, being the baseline for these rules. Furthermore, for administrative reasons, once a world has been named, it cannot be changed, unless a world merge has occurred in which the fused world will then be renamed according to the third rule.

The first ‘Earth’ appearance was Kaomagi Earth in Alicia Chapter 1.1: An Unusual Morning – Part One.

All appearances of Kaomagi Earth.


  • (Sister World) Human Race Module
  • *Modules of sister world*


Azhure: Surely all of us here know our own world’s history, correct? But anyway, the year where the ‘Earths’ first appear in Chapters will be shown here. Also the files of the Alternate Earths will only have the history of the deviation.

Kaomagi Earth first appeared in 2018

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