Law: Fantasy

Era: Pre-Modern~Modern~Post-Modern

Tech: Sword and Magic

Sister: –

Manegia, Pre-Modern~Modern~Post-Modern world of swords and magic.

Discovered in year 0.

Affected by the Eleven-Century War.

Globally aware of Court Wizards.


The world where maneg first appeared. However, it is not the origin, as it was clear that there was a native Fantasy Law which the Maneg System dismantled, leaving a fraction of it which still interfered with it – otherwise, every Court Wizard would have a hundred percent Efficiency in Manegia. Year 0 was the year the Maneg System took over Manegia’s original Fantasy Law.

After the Eleven-Century War, the First Guardians, Soul Weavers Maneg Users who had sheltered the fractured Mother Souls inside their souls, came back to this world and formed the Otherworldly Court with this world as its base.

Because of how tarnished Soul Weavers Maneg Users was, during the formation of the Otherworldly Court, the First Guardians decided to give a new name for everything. The Maneg System, Court Wizards, Maneg Souls, Orders, Catalysts were all renames as well as unified names – there were many terms for the same thing.

Even this world’s name, Manegia, was a rename. And while their former names were forgotten, the original name of Court Wizards, the only one that has a single name, Soul Weaver could never be erased.

Furthermore, during the first generation, the Otherworldly Court helped the creation of four countries: the Southern Kingdom, the Northern Empire, the Eastern Dynasty, and the Western Republic; these four countries became what’s known as the Four Nations.

Afterwards, smaller nations and tribes popped up here and there. But the former only exists on the Kingdom’s side as mostly vassals – the Empire and Dynasty made short work of them and the Republic never had that problem. The latter were numerous all over Manegia, their way of life incompatible with the Four Nation’s society.

Typically, the Four Nations would keep out of the Otherworldly Court’s business, except for that one time when some fool on the Northern Empire’s throne thought it would be a good idea to invade the Otherworldly Court.

However, that didn’t stop citizens from the Four Nations to work for the Otherworldly Court as staff for various facilities that the Court Wizards couldn’t take for their small numbers – Visitors, refugees, often couldn’t figure out how the Catalyst-based machines worked -, or other businesses like the food court.

Otherwise, they would often hire Court Wizards to deal with S and S+ rank Maneg Amalgamations, usually appearing from the collision of Maneg Pillars, commonly known by Court Wizards as Maneg Geysers by how they sensed it to have appeared, that is natural in appearance which only manifests in Manegia as a result of the little interference by the native Fantasy Law.

All appearances.

File for the Otherworldly Court ~Inaccessible~.


  • Manegia Human Species Module
  • Manegia Maneg Complex Module {

– Manegia Monster (Maneg Amalgamation/Maneg Beast) Species Complex Module

– Manegia Maneg System Module

Manegia Mother Soul Object Module

– Manegia Maneg Catalyst Object Module


• The Unknown Module (The hypothetical remnant of the original Module of this world, before maneg took over)


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