Alicia Chapter 18.1: The Wanderer – Encounter

an: Contrary to the notes below, I decided to split the chapter into two to give you readers a breather. So this note will stay because the notes below will become contradictory and I’m not editing them.

an: I was on a trip and I do not bring my laptop with me so I couldn’t do the finishing editing, so I delayed it – I write on my phone. But this story will enter the ‘turning point’ because otherwise, it will not go anywhere. Also, Voice?

Voice: Yes, Azhure!?

an: Don’t be annoying, this chapter is not the time for your remarks.

Voice: What…!? Pfft… fine…!

an: p.s. This is the first time uploading on Saturday morning, in my place. I still have more stuff to fit in here.

Voice: Hey, Azhure!

an: What?

Voice: Why do you still use ‘an’ and not your alias!?

an: I did it in the beginning and I don’t feel like changing. I don’t want to change all the ‘an’ to ‘Azhure’.

Voice: Well, you can start now!

Azhure: Eh, sure.

Voice: That’s better!



Alicia Chapter 17.1: Fighting the Demon Lord in the Shadows – Brief

an: and we are in chapter 17. This must be one of my most creative worlds created right now. 



Alicia Chapter 16.3: New Steps – Of Pirates and Invasions

After the encounter with narwhals that could grow human limbs and speak in binary codes, the Court Wizards had lunch in Manegia and resumed their mission. (more…)


Alicia Chapter 16.1.S: Scientific Law and Fantasy Law, and Maneg

an: Welp, I ended up doubling the word count as I was revising this important piece of lore. Well, do enjoy, I removed some lore that I will never implement and revised it to match with the next chapters. Also, I replaced the 5 with an S, I don’t think 16.1.5 fits my indexing but I couldn’t find anything better, so I picked what’s similar to it. This note will not be removed, unlike the tag in the title after some time.