(Lost Chapter) Alicia Chapter 11: The Price of Loyal Maneg and More Court Wizards

A lavish room


A high-quality desk

Rotated 90 degrees, destroyed

An old man in noble-like clothing

A husk without its life

Beside, a robed one covered in the same shade as the earth with blood splattered over it

A little boy, crying

The robed one approached the little crying boy

It spoke

“Do you want revenge?”

The crying little boy is an angry little boy

The angry little boy nods

“I won’t let you.”


The dreamer woke up. Dream forgotten.



Alicia Chapter 20.12: The Awoken Dream to Test the Heart – Recollection

Azhure: This is it, the final part of this chapter. Thank you for reading thus far.

Voice: And now I will what you will do to her…

Azhure: Oh, and I noticed the plothole in chapter 11 due to changing Darc with Will which will setback this chapter until part 2, so I revised the former.

Voice: Huh..? Wait! You’re going to- (more…)


Alicia Chapter 19.5: A Ritual to be Grounded – True End of the War

Azhure: With this, my rewriting spree is over.

Voice: Hooray!

Azhure: After going over my notes, Owen’s Collection should be up and running in the foreseeable future.

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Alicia Chapter 19.1: A Ritual to be Grounded – Briefings of Discussion

Azhure: This story shall conclude in the second week of July. The last chapter concluded in the second week of June. I was considering a post-modern world chapter, but it would ruin the build-up. I’ll do that as a side story.

Azhure: Anyway, I was going to rewrite some parts of this to make it aligned with the new Alicia Chapter 13 but turns out the whole thing needed to be rewritten. Fortunately, I didn’t end up doubling the word count.

Voice: Lmao! (more…)


Alicia Chapter 10: A Vampire and Its Hunter, a Knight and Another Knight

Opening the red curtain of the balcony, a wide balcony can be seen. A balcony viewing nothing but plain ashes. To the left, there was a round table with an umbrella covering it. Two women were sitting there having tea and biscuits. (more…)