Alicia Chapter 16 Extra 4: Of the Defense Against Laegar – Third

an: thanks to these extra chapters, I was able to show more lore. Anyway, this is the last extra chapter, next will be another adventure.



Alicia Chapter 16 Extra 2: Of the Defense Against Laegar – Happenstance

Jake Rhaims had a great feeling. He polished his Cherished Armament, a cutlass, even though they don’t get dull nor dirty. He received this six years ago after his pops had unfortunately died to the Winter Sickness (Jake heard the Laegar kingdom calling it ‘Snowfell Plague’ or something), the guy was too stubborn to accept any medical treatment from the Otherworldly Court. Even the previous king and his kids refused, saying it was too much for them after pops utterly destroyed the Laegar invaders twice. (more…)


Alicia Chapter 16.3: New Steps – Of Pirates and Invasions

After the encounter with narwhals that could grow human limbs and speak in binary codes, the Court Wizards had lunch in Manegia and resumed their mission. (more…)