Five, Twenty-three, and Twenty-nine Years Ronald’s Collection Memory 6: For the Good of the World 4

Voice: Gee! What took ya so long!?

Azhure: Stress, and college. Also, I got exams and you know the drill. So I decided to publish this Memory all at once.

Voice: This memory!? Oh… (more…)


Five, Twenty-three, and Twenty-nine Years Ronald’s Collection’s Chapter 2: Background Checking a Duke

Azhure: I only plan 3-4 Memories. I assume you read Alicia, so the last Memory will occur before rescue. (more…)


(Lost Chapter) Alicia Chapter 15: Because of a Promise


“What is it, Rin?”

“I saw a boy, younger than me. He was crying because his family died too.”

“I see.”

“I feel sad otou-san and okaa-san died, but I feel sadder seeing that boy crying because he lost his family.”

“Heheh, you are just like tou-san and ka-san, caring about others.”



(Final) Alicia Chapter 21.4: The Choice – I Decided

Azhure: And magically, I made what I planned to be a one thousand chapter, which was supposed to be a part of the previous chapter, and doubled the word count.