(Lost Chapter) Alicia Chapter 8: Slaying Skeleton Goblins


If you’re wondering how the transporter works, here is how in a nutshell.

The transporter teleport whatever is in its radius on both sides to the other at the same time. The transporter is also designed to transport maneg too. Element doesn’t matter. The transporter at the court end is also equipped with a device that can regulate the amount of maneg floating on the transporter. In this way, the rule where maneg in one world must be constant can still be followed. (more…)


(Lost Chapter) Alicia Chapter 7: Aqua, the Fire Guardian

Where do Maneg Souls come from? Why a bigger Maneg soul called Mother Soul of course. (more…)


(Lost Chapter) Alicia Chapter 6: Hundred Percent Loyal Maneg

“Yep, she’s hundred percent loyal.”

The man in a white robe said it with confidence. The same man who healed Owen’s thirteen stab wounds, Russel.

“What does that mean?” Alicia asked as she came out of a giant cylindrical machine that apparently can check the content of her Maneg Soul.



Weekly Report #1: Alicia Chapter 4 & 5 Rewrite

Weekly reports will be a thing when I do stuff like rewrites and Lore Database updates. I will tell whatever’s new at Saturday morning (in my time zone).

For this week there is: (more…)


(Lost Chapter) Alicia Chapter 5: Maneg 101

The Otherworldly Court

Year 1412


“What was that!?” Alicia shouted.

“I think that was Hans throwing [Explosion] over there,” Owen commented as a giant red-orange spherical dome rose over the distance.



Alicia Chapter 20.12: The Awoken Dream to Test the Heart – Recollection

Azhure: This is it, the final part of this chapter. Thank you for reading thus far.

Voice: And now I will what you will do to her…

Azhure: Oh, and I noticed the plothole in chapter 11 due to changing Darc with Will which will setback this chapter until part 2, so I revised the former.

Voice: Huh..? Wait! You’re going to- (more…)