Alicia Chapter 10: A Vampire and Its Hunter, a Knight and Another Knight

Opening the red curtain of the balcony, a wide balcony can be seen. A balcony viewing nothing but plain ashes. To the left, there was a round table with an umbrella covering it. Two women were sitting there having tea and biscuits. (more…)


Alicia Chapter 9: After the First Mission and Ranks

Battle over. Emotions returned.

After an hour or so, Alicia and Owen stood over the scattered remains of the defeated skeleton goblins decorating the red wasteland with even more broken bones. They lost count of how many skeleton goblins they defeated and Owen did most of the work.

“Haa…” With the suppression lifted, Alicia sighed melancholy. Why? Well, the only word that could describe how she felt was… conflicted. Even so, there must be a better word to describe her predicament. (more…)


Alicia Chapter 7: Aqua, the Fire Guardian

“The Mother Soul is the entity that creates Maneg Souls,” Owen explained. “Each of the eleven Elements has its own Mother Soul.”

With Alicia’s first training completed, they went back inside the Otherworldly Court.

“Is it a bigger Maneg Soul that is stored somewhere in this place?” Alicia asked. (more…)


Alicia Chapter 5: Maneg 101

Manegia (World where the Otherworldly Court resides)

Year 1412


“What was that!?” Alicia shouted.

“I think that was Hans throwing [Explosion] over there,” Owen commented as a giant red-orange spherical dome rose over the distance.

“And there goes the [Missiles].” (more…)