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Three hours after lunch hour, a red old-school automobile was drifting through the plains. Ahead, a village was seen.

Villagers gathered over the visitors, though it seems they were half-expecting them and not.


The brakes were hit and out came a blond man with an eyepatch and a sword. Then, three cloaked figures in the shades of red, blue (on the lighter end of the spectrum), and white got down as well.

“Emile! You returned!” An old man exclaimed among the crowd of villagers. This seemed to be the chief of the village.

“I did promise to bring Court Wizards here, so here I am with Court Wizards this time,” Emile replied as a little girl in villager clothing with black hair stood out from the crowd.

Emile looked at a little girl with black hair. He seemed guilty looking at her. The child seemingly looks at him with sorrow.

Before Alicia thought of talking to the child, Haruto beat her to the little girl first.

“Hello,” Haruto greeted the child. “My name is Haruto, what’s yours?”

The little girl pauses for a moment at the sudden black-hair man in front of her and answered, “Rina.”

“I see, Rina, what about your parents?”

“…Mama got sick and papa said she went to heaven. Papa died saving me from that wolf”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked you that.”

Her father must have distracted the Maneg Beast to get it away from her and was killed.

“It’s alright. They loved me very much, I know they don’t want to leave me and that makes me happy.”

Haruto chuckled, making Rina giving out a “Hm?”.

“You remind me of my little sister. She’s about the same age as you.” He took a closer look at her. “My word, you look like my sister.”


“Yep, even the names are similar. Her name is Rin, by the way.”


Alicia gazed over Emile still looking downcast and asked him why.

“I promised the kid to kill the Maneg Beast, and me and my team failed. I don’t really know what to do with her.”

“Well,” Alicia said. “You should at least talk to her.”

“I guess I should, thanks.”

“Your welcome.”

Emile then approached Rina as she was asked where she lived now to which she responded, “In my friend’s house.”

Haruto backed off seeing his hunter friend trying to strike a conversation with Rina. Emile awkwardly tried to say something but…

“Are your friends okay?” The black-haired girl asked.

Emile paused for a moment and said, “Yes, yes they are.”

“Are you still hurt?”

“No, I am fine. This time, we will surely defeat that beast.”

“…Please don’t die.”

“I won’t.”

She’s a sweet little kid!

I figured she would be angry at Emile for failing to kill the Maneg Beast that killed her father and showed up again. She is really mature for her age.


A bright white light shined over the horizon along with an incomprehensible howl. Haruto got worked up.

“That wolf got the Light Element! It’s an S+ rank now!”

“W-What!?” The village chief exclaimed. His face was white like a sheet of paper. The villagers begin to panic. Rina is particularly scared.

“We’ll be going, Rina. Come on, we gotta kill that thing now!” Haruto yelled as a TZANG from the [Eject] Order was let out, propelling him forward, onto the direction of that light.




Alicia and Owen too, propelled at high speed, following the Light Court Wizard.

“We’ll be back, Rina. Wait for us!”

Leaving a certain eyepatch hunter behind. He scrambled to catch up to them.

“Please don’t die,” Rina muttered.

Suddenly, one of the Court Wizards, the one with the white cloak was bending his knees in front of Rina. Haruto headpatted the surprised child.

“Don’t worry, kid.” Haruto smiled. “We will not die easily. I promise that.”

“Do you promise?”

“Yep,” He ruffled her hair a bit. “Gotta go now!”


Haruto, how did you know the Maneg Beast obtained the Light Element?

I felt a Light Element Maneg Geyser getting stepped on. It must’ve been the wolf since it howled. (Haruto)


It was six meters tall and twelve meters long. It has very large claws and teeth. Its fur pattern was chaotic. Think of all eleven colors of the maneg Elements as individual paint in a bucket and dump it all on the wolf at the same time at a different angle.

Alicia would think it’s a giant-rainbow-colored wolf, but it is a chaotic mix of maneg, the term wolf-type was simply the general shape of the beast. For one, it had tendrils coming out on every part of its massive frame. It also had feather-like parts behind its four limbs, which happened to grow just now.

Does that mean it could sprout wings and fly? It did split its mouth into four pieces when it howled.


Haruto, how do we defeat it?

Just keep shooting it with Orders ’till it runs out of maneg from excessive regening. (Haruto)

Technically, you don’t just throw Orders at it. You need to use Orders with the same Element as the Maneg Beast. Otherwise, you will run the risk of adding another Element to it. However, an S+ rank already had all Elements anyway, so it doesn’t matter.

Its eyes and tail shone different colors every time it hurled an Order of a different maneg Element.

It had devastated the surrounding area to near wastelands. Multiple scorches and holes, and devastated forestry made the land uninhabitable.

Alicia could feel fire maneg in the area in a chaotic state, particularly at the S+ rank Maneg Beast. The presence of the fire maneg appearing and disappearing.

The Maneg Beast noticed the Court Wizard flying(?) over the devastated forestry and split opened its jaws in four.


A beam of fire and light maneg tore the air. Owen quickly ordered a wide and thick [Barrier] to block the attack.


The beam made contact with the sheet of ice. The [Barrier] was able to hold long enough for the beam to finish and disappeared afterwards.

99.7% integrity left.

I’ll throw a lightning Catalyst. It will stun it, attack when it does. (Haruto)

Catalysts refer to tools that are designed to ‘catalyze’ Orders. The auto-mobiles are Catalysts using fire maneg in place of fuel. Most weapons hunters use were Catalysts. Catalysts stores maneg inside a ‘battery’ attached to the object which passively collects maneg of its specific Element if it’s not full. For weapon Catalysts, the ‘battery’ is attached outside the weapon it which could make the weapon unbalanced if it’s too big.

Alicia too carries a Catalyst. After what transpired at the last mission, Alicia was given a fire Catalyst made by Amelia Rickens, that scientist Court Wizard that had ‘tested’ her Maneg Soul with a hundred percent loyal maneg which ended with the Court Wizard beaten to a pulp by the test subject’s father. It was in the shape of a red vial hung on a necklace for Alicia to wear. The vial, which is the battery, stores specifically disloyal fire maneg (some Catalysts can alter its battery to store which Element on the go) which automatically shields Alicia of any indirect magic like what that mage did two weeks ago. However, the vial stores a limited amount and will run out if activated a few times in succession without rest. This Catalyst was made specifically for Alicia and there were no other similar objects such as this.

Because Court Wizards use their soul as a Catalyst to give Orders, very few Catalysts are of use to them, not to mention that they are quite a baggage to carry. Court Wizards would use an easy-to-carry disposable one-shot Catalyst of a different Element like what Haruto is using right now.



Haruto threw a cube that split four pieces which formed a huge net out of lightning maneg. The lightning Catalyst caught the head of the amalgamation of eleven maneg Elements and shocked it. The giant wolf was staggered.

99.6% integrity left.




Without letting up, Haruto ordered [Launch] vertically and then unleashed multiple beams of light of high intensity that it burned the Maneg Beast’s face.

96.6% integrity left.



The wolf shook off the Catalyst, however, Owen shot four large icicles onto the wolf’s feet while it was distracted. Rooting it to the ground.

94.6% integrity left.


He then unleashed more icicles down on its hide(?), it would become a porcupine if not of its large stature.

86.6% integrity left.

Let’s do this, Alicia!

Alicia pulled out a red baton with a red-glowing weight attached around one-third of the length of the baton which was half the length of her arm. It had a very intricate carving that looks like a simple decoration. She pointed the baton towards the wolf and a part of the carving glowed red.


A red dot was projected on its forehead and an explosion was set off which covered its entire head. The red glow on the weight faded away. Because it would be dangerous for Alicia to use loyal maneg Orders on Maneg Beasts, she was given another Catalyst which was a custom-made baton that she could use to bash skulls or activate Orders carved on the baton. The battery is also more potent in maneg gathering.

81.6% integrity left.


Its head was destroyed by the explosion, but it reformed it instantly. But it was clear that it was severely damaged, the Maneg Beast was getting smaller by a bit.

Its tendrils tensed up and out came missiles of maneg. They soar through the sky where the Court Wizards are jumping sporadically in the air with maneg.





Alicia barely avoided the attack with Voice screaming inside her head.

80.6% integrity left.


Owen’s icicles had faded. The wolf became free and surprise, surprise, it sprouted wings and flew. For a few centimeters in the air until Haruto busts out a katana and launched himself to the back of the wolf and sliced its newly formed wings. Owen then ordered a bigger icicle which pinned it by the side when it fell to the ground.

73.6% integrity left.


Another round of maneg missiles was launched. This time, twice the amount.

72.6% integrity left.


Amid the onslaught, Alicia launched another explosion after her Catalyst had been filled. Voice screamed to simply get away from the Maneg Beast. Alicia agreed and put a distance from it.

67.6% integrity left.

As Alicia backed away, she spotted Emile. She had almost forgotten about him. She saw him pulling out his sword and was about to charge at the Maneg Beast. But then the wolf launched even more missiles so much that it is akin to a bullet-hell shooter. Emile backed away and simply pointed his sword which shoots out a ball of fire maneg in which the wolf did not even register the impact.

62.59% integrity left.

At this point, it has been Owen and Haruto dodging missiles while shooting icicles and high-intensity beams. Alicia is worried if they will run out of maneg, the boys seemed to give Orders left and right. She also set off explosions whenever she gets the chance. Emile also hurled [Fireball] from his Catalyst when it’s charged up.

60.59% integrity left.





56.38% integrity left.



50.88% integrity left.



45.07% integrity left.

Halfway through, it should try a more intense attack. (Haruto)

Alicia could also tell that as the wolf was now half its size. With the repeated attack and the Maneg Beast sacrificing its maneg to protect itself, it was getting weaker. It will only deplete itself with the increased intensity of its counter-attack.


Get ready. (Haruto)


[Icicles] forms an icicle and launch it. Order: form cone x base diameter x height on x position, travel to the direction x.

[Beam] a high-intensity beam of light. Order: form circular shape x diameter at x position in x direction, emit in x side, increase intensity by x candela.

[Explosion] an explosion by concentrating fire maneg at a small space and spreads out. Order: gather at point, spread out x distance from point, oxidize rapidly.

Azhure: So, what do you all think of this sub-chapter? Is it good? Are there any problems with it? Any reviews or feedback is appreciated as long as they’re not plain insults meant to blow off your stress.

Voice: Don’t do that to people! Not even on the internet!

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