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Fourth day of Spring Break over Kaomagi Earth

SaltWaters territory.

“Why was the princess not captured!? What are the knights and mercenaries doing!?”

A slightly overweight noble yelled at one of his lowly subordinates.

News that the princess had returned to the capital and now inside the royal palace had reached his ears once he arrived at his territory just now. The princess was supposed to be kidnapped and sent to his mansion in his territory which he could not even rule. Then, once he got back here he will march to the capital with his army that he built and overthrow that damn king and marrying his sister to secure his power.

“S-Sir! Our spy reported that they saw the mercenaries and a few of ours were captured and handed over to the guards!”

“What!? They were defeated!? How could that happen!?”

“Our spy also saw the Bell Conglomerate carriage with the princess, sir! They brought wagons to transport the captured, sir!”

That report made his eyes widen.

“Why would that lowly merchant be there!”

“I have not done reporting, sir! The hero Jonathan was with them as well!”

In a moment of silence.

“Leave this room. I wish to be left alone.”

“Y-Yes, sir!”

The room was left empty but a single slightly-fat noble. Silent in a moment of thought.



Until he started to wreck the place.

“Damn it! Damn it!”

“Well, you are being a villain here.” A redhead said to him.

“W-What! You dare mock me!?” The noble was ready to assault her, but a man in a beat-up cloak gave him a glare to make him back down.

“That bastard!”

Four years ago, the succession war had ended with that bastard Albert on the throne. He purged the nobility, stripping them of their power and even executed his beloved father. He had even killed his remaining brothers to secure the throne!

It was not supposed to end that way. He had no noble to back him up. After all, considering what he did after ascending the throne, who would?

But he had a backer anyway. With the succession war going on, the kingdom was left in a weakened state making it a perfect time for the neighbouring kingdom to start a war upon the country. Afterwards, the condition for succeeding the throne became clear.

The princes marched into battle with their respective armies from their noble backers including his family, each trying to get as much glory as possible while taking down their rival successors.

This, of course, caused disarray in the ranks. Constant infighting from minor skirmishes to several princes along their respective noble backer assassinated! This made the enemy march closer and closer to victory. All the princes are to busy taking each other out except Albert.

He was left alone since nobody is backing him up. His brothers figured he was harmless and wouldn’t even participate in the war. But he did anyway.

He banded together a bunch of lowly commoners and even hired mercenaries with the help of a mysterious backer. Not only that, he had brought those filthy demi-humans into his ranks and today, the captain of the princess’ knights was a filthy beastfolk. But the most notable one was him, Jonathan.

He was some backwash plebian from some village who worked for Albert’s backer. However, he was a powerful swordsman and was a mage possessing a rare magic capable of slaying armies if those rumors were to be true.

Regardless, he along with Albert charged into battle after battle and won victoriously with little losses. Eventually, the ragtag of riff raffs beat back the opposing army and signed the peace treaty.

Albert’s popularity rose for attaining the most glory and won the throne. Jonathan was hailed as the kingdom’s hero, a commoner hailed as the hero! And he had the gall to refuse the title of nobility and even mocked it! Everything else fell together afterwards. Executing nobles for their ‘crimes’ (to nobles like him, those were privileges), whatever that caters to those lowly plebians.

Oh, he also moved the capital to the city he’s staying before becoming ruler.

But despite all of this, Albert’s backer was never known. Not even Albert himself knew who they were, all interactions with the backer was through Jonathan and he kept a tight lip.

Bell Conglomerate.

He saw the commoner hero’s face when he was given awards. Black hair and eyes with a scar on his cheek. He didn’t recognize him at that incident due to his filthy apparel. This means he was working for that merchant.

He had made a huge mistake.

Who would’ve thought some merchant that opened some business for a few years or so was capable of installing a king to the throne. The same merchant that he might as well crush like swatting a bug in the way. And that bug stung him hard.

Most likely, Jonathan was sent to observe him in an effort to save the company and caught wind of the plan. He did actually discuss with a mercenary leader out in the open that time, that was probably when the hero overheard it.

That heiress, Alicia Bell, took the opportunity to foil the kidnapping attempt. This means the coup attempt was leaked. Most likely, his newly built mansion in the new capital had been raided however, there should be no traces of the coup inside so he should be safe.

“No, I can still do this!”

He had already prepared his army and was ready to siege the castle. He even enlisted a powerful mage to his side. Not having the princess with him is but a simple inconvenience. He can still succeed.

Even if that merchant was responsible for the results of the succession war, a merchant is still a merchant. Once he overthrows that commoner-loving king, he will marry that princess and become ruler. He will revert back the old laws, giving the nobles the power they deserved being the superior humans and purge the impurity of humanity that is those demi-humans infesting the ranks. Perhaps he will finally crush that Bell Conglomerate and take that red-headed heiress as well as that receptionist and ‘discipline’ them.

With a grin, he proceeds to improvise his plans. Now that the king might know of the plan he will need to quicken his coup.

He decided to ‘play’ with those demi-humans he’d kidnapped in his underground cellar to let off some steam.

“Why is the cellar empty!? Where are those beasts!?”

And more wood is added to the fire.

Fifth day of Spring Break over Kaomagi Earth

“Sir! It’s the royal knights! We are surrounded!”

“Wha, What!”

About a dozen or so silver knights, armed with swords and shields assuming formation in front of the gates. Several mage knights are also stationed behind them, ready to cast their spells.



A circle of many colors lit up and died down fifteen seconds later revealing more knights to join the fray, making it around two dozen.

Unlike with the kidnapped beastfolk, the Dark Guardian refused to transport the knights with his shadow sinking magic. The cost for doing such a thing was simply too high and he needed to save his magic.



Another transfer was performed, this time was Alicia and co. in the same attire during the kidnapping attempt on the princess.

The captain of the princess’ knights lifted a glowing rock the size of his hand and over his mouth and said.

“Doug von SaltWaters! You are under arrest for kidnapping and murdering citizens; attempting to sabotage a mercantile company, and instigating a rebellion. Surrender immediately and you will not be harmed!”

“H-How!? How could they arrive this fast!? What are the lookouts doing?” The noble angrily grabbed his subordinate’s shirt.

It should have taken at least four days for the royal knights to march here from the capital, three if they did not make preparations. There was no way for the king’s royal army to arrive from the capital in just a day, not even less than that! Even he took two days to get back to his territory.

He looked at the window again to see the hero Jonathan among them.

“I-I don’t know sir! They just suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The lookout did not report any troops marching.”

“Damn!” Doug released his subordinate. How will he get out of this?

“I know!”

The balcony door of the mansion opened. A fat noble came out and said.

“What is this nonsense are you talking about? On what proof do you accuse me such, you dirty animal!”

Owen looked to the Wind Guardian.

“Great, he’s bluffing.”

“And insulting a freaking royal knight.”

The knight captain simply sighed and said.

“We have evidence and witnesses proving enough for a warrant for your arrest. Come quitely, and anything you say or any action may be used against you in the court of law!”

Alicia approached the knight captain, hood taken off. The noble widen his eyes seeing her.

“Here, milady.” He gave the stone to the Bell heiress.

“Have you checked your cellar?”

“Huh, w-what!?”

Did she meant that those missing demi-humans were her doing!?

How did she manage to swipe them all under his nose?

That means his mansion had actually been spied upon!

With the bluffing tactic not working, Doug von SaltWaters decided the last resort.

“Do not try to escape! We have knights stationed in throughout the surroundings of this mansion!” The filthy animal announced.

He quickly escaped from the balcony.

“Men! Ready your weapons! We will apprehend the noble by force! Subdue anyone in the way!” Sensing a fight is going to happen, the fox beastfolk knight issued an attack.

“””Yes, sir!”””

The knights approached the mansion while maintaining the formation. Jonathan and the knight captain led the charge.



As the knights broke the lock and opened the gates, a bunch of guards brandished their swords (and staves) out to the front yard. More are coming out.

Feelings suppressed.

The guards charged in a uniform manner. The knights did the same. Mages from both sides prepared their magic.

Although the noble’s guards are experienced fighters, the knights have had a harsher training regiment along with some knights of different races such as Alfred who is a beastfolk, inherently stronger than humans.

The knights simply knocked down the guards one by one. Alicia and the rest simply watch the battle going on.

?? guards left.



1 guard subdued.


2 guards subdued.





4 guards subdued.


5 guards subdued.


8 guards subdued.





Blasts of magic are being cancelled out by each other.



10 guards subdued.

SLASH           THUD
BASH            SLASH

14 guards subdued.

By then, the noble’s mages were defeated as well.





24 guards subdued.

The knights now stormed the mansion. The Court Wizards followed suit.

They were now in an empty main hall. In the second story, Doug von SaltWaters can be seen, a smirk can be seen on his face.

“Doug von SaltWaters, we have your guards. Give yourself up!” The knight captain yelled.

“Heh,” The noble laughed. “Do not think you can defeat me! Dubarim!”

An old-looking man in a grey robe walked past the noble. An evil smile is plastered to his face as he raised his hands. Upon hearing his name, the knight’s faces were filled with shock.





A simple word was let out. The knights, however, fell to their knees. They tried to get up, but they couldn’t.

“Kuhahahaha! Some knights you are! Dubarim, kill them!”

To describe such a feeling, well, it’s like gravity is increasing on you that it’s pressing you down that you couldn’t even stand.

How does Alicia know such a feeling? Well, she’s feeling it right now.


She was supporting herself with her hands to keep her from touching the floor completely.

Alicia! Get a hold of yourself!


Owen looked at her, unaffected by whatever that mage did. He then looked at Will, who was also standing just fine. The Air Guardian nodded. Alicia also saw Jonathan and Darc standing unaffected too.

“Wait, why are you still standing?”


Ignoring the noble’s question, a gust of air pass through the guards who are approaching the incapacitated knights, ready to execute them.


A head of an old mage fell to the ground.

Blood gushed out of the stump of the deceased mage’s neck. The noble’s face was at one point laughing to surprised all of the sudden.

“Wha, what happened!?”

“Men! Apprehend the noble!” The knight captain did not waste any time and ordered his subordinates to charge once the spell broke with the death of the mage. They knocked down the rest of the guards present.

“N-No! Stay away!”

The noble back away, stumbling while running with his tail between his legs (though he had no tail). However, Darc appeared in front of him and knocked him out. The dark elf’s eyes looked like he wanted to kill him but hold the urge to himself.

The battle is over.

“Alicia are you alright?”

The white-haired Court Wizard went to his childhood friend and helped her get up.

“Y-Yes… What was that?”

“That was a gravity spell,” Jonathan answered. “That mage that Will killed was Dubarim, a rather well-known mage with magic capable of making gravity around his enemies to increase, causing them to fall.”

“You guys were not affected.”

“That is because we Court Wizards are immune to effects of magic such as that magic as long as we have a reserve of disloyal maneg,” Will explained.

“Correct, you were affected since you have no disloyal maneg at all,” Owen said. “Damn, that means Alicia is completely vulnerable!”

“Is that a bad thing?”

“Yes, that means stuff like mind-control and other dangerous magic works on you. You have to be very careful.”

“You were lucky Will killed that mage before it gets worse.”

“I see…”

“We should do something about it once we get back. We still need to clean up this mess.”


With that, the simple mission of saving a merchant branch turned into stopping a coup d’état ended.

Maneg Elements

How do a Maneg specifically fall unset an Element? Maneg constantly gets exposed to a certain natural phenomenon ’emulates’ it under the 11 Elements. Below are how each Element maneg emulates works in a single sentence. A detailed explanation of each will be explained in later chapters.

Life: Emulation of ‘suture and scalpel and life’

Light: Emulation of a particle emitting light and its properties

Water: Emulation of a particle in the liquid state of matter

Lightning: Emulation of charged particle

Ice: Emulation of a particle in the solid-state of matter and freezing, the change of liquid to solid

Air: Emulation of gas state of matter and vibration

Nature: Emulation of plant and animal cells

Earth: Emulation of earthly material and metal

Fire: Emulation of oxidation of a particle

Dark: Emulation of a particle absorbing light

Death: Emulation of ‘tweezers and scalpel and death’

Understanding this is essential in making the right Order that a Maneg Soul of a given Element could carry out and what kind of Order it could perform.

You should know that while a Maneg of a given Element looks and acts like the real thing, it is still an emulation, an attempt of an imitation of the actual phenomenon. For example, fire maneg simply emulates the phenomenon of fire, oxidation of a fuel, so it is technically not actual fire, yet it is.



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