More About the Otherworldly Court 1.2: The Maneg Soul Picks Its Vessel & Soul 2

Azhure: I got slumped with offline college early on which put a wrench in my writing early on. I may have to slow down much more so sorry about that. (more…)


More About the Otherworldly Court 1.1: The Maneg Soul Picks Its Vessel & Soul 1

Voice: It’s been a long time coming, huh!?

Azhure: Well, here’s the rewrite for More About the Otherworldly Court 1 with a new title to replace the old one, The Maneg Soul Chooses Its Court Wizard. There were constraints with the new title on Wattpad though. Also, I just like the writing tool on Wattpad which is the only reason I’m still posting there (or here) out of obligation.

Azhure: Anyway, while this chapter still takes place between Alicia’s first and second mission in book Alicia, I’ve decided to try and shove in every relevant lore as of book End of the Five, Twenty-three, and Twenty-nine Years Story Owen’s Collection Chapter 3.3 and I’ll dump any information not fitting the current context of the story in the chapter in an exposition at the end.

Azhure: Also, if there’s anything I’ve left out in the rewrite consider it no longer canon, I’m also changing a few things that shouldn’t conflict with canon as I haven’t used them yet as well as adding new ones. Consider some of the new information as foreshadowing.

Azhure: Also, to give this more exposure, I’ve slipped this in both books except in the WordPress version, which has its own page, which will be identical to each other. I’m not editing these author notes to fit book Alicia’s and I won’t remove things after some time – I feel like I shouldn’t.

Azhure: Also, college is starting again and I have to go to campus this time. Enjoy. (more…)


Alicia Bell’s Poem

O fair maiden How your everyday has withered Your peaceful, mundane life shattered Your eyes to existence you know is no more But worry not little girl For 'they' will…


Alicia Chapter 1.3: An Unusual Morning – Part Three

For as long as he knew, she was with him his whole life.

When he was alone, she was there.

When others struck him, she shielded him.

Sure, she left him at one point. But hey, that was normal school kid stuff and she came back.

But he knows that can happen again because of who she is. So, he worked hard, becoming strong himself, strived to make every day full of effort.

So that he may stand beside her.



Alicia Chapter 1.2: An Unusual Morning – Part Two

Azhure: this second part of the first chapter rewrite except it was too long, so I’ll have to keep both parts separate. Oh, and there will be a third and final part.



Alicia Chapter 1.1: An Unusual Morning – Part One


“Why are my hands getting warmer?” Alicia Bell wondered as she stared at her two hands. “It has been a week since I am like this, why?” (more…)


(First Draft) Alicia Chapter 8

“Let’s start with the basics. Make a generic fireball. It should be easy. I’ll make an example its basically the same thing but its ice.”

Spells are called order because of its incantation.

“I command you, form sphere 30 centimeters in diameter from my left hand, travel at linear direction parallel to my left arm, thus is my order, level two:[Iceball]!”