I will fill the Court Wizards listed here if they are the main focus of the currently written book. Character profiles are subjected to change.

Anything under ‘???’ will be revealed, eventually.

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A generation starts with the recruitment of the one Guardian of that generation. All Court Wizards recruited afterwards are put in that generation, regardless of whether their Element’s Guardian has transitioned to that generation or not.

To know how the Court Wizard’s Species are named, read More About the Otherworldly Court 2. Additional note: Court Wizards didn’t like the term ‘humanoid’ as it sounded ‘distant’ to a normal living being, so Amelia Rickens filled in vanilla ‘human’ instead as ‘human-shaped’ isn’t allowed either.


In the Otherworldly Court, where all hailing from different worlds come together, it was only natural that they would have different views when it comes to their unified goal – under the scale over the spear and shield.

Spear: They are the Court Wizards who are willing to do anything to achieve balance and protection of worlds. They do not mind getting their hands dirty if it meant for the better.

Shield: They are the Court Wizards who seek a more peaceful and kinder approach than the former. They believe they can uphold their tenet without the need to regress themselves into cruel emotionless machines.

Yielder: Perhaps when the all-piercing spear and the indestructible shield meet, they both yield. These Court Wizards are, at the simplest term, the neutral group. In a discussion, they would take what the other two sides spout into consideration, either casting their own judgment based on it or never express their ideas, and act as the peacekeepers when the spears and shields are clashing.

Now, one does not always fully swing to one side. There are Court Wizards with double alignments, though not in equal terms. In this case, the alignment that comes first is more dominant. For example, a Court Wizard with a Spear-Yielder would be more inclined to more destructive methods but would not mind taking alternative ways, though may still be stubborn with their choice.

And while the Otherworldly Court is of a contradiction, a warrior does not fight with two shields nor with two spears, but with a spear and shield.

Temporary place for Court Wizards I have yet to decide their Element. Usually those who were mentioned in the background.

Sixth Generation

Alan Bell (second owner of Bell Conglomerate)

Thomas Bell (founder of Bell Conglomerate)