Alicia Chapter 20.1: The Awoken Dream to Test the Heart – Prelude

Azhure: The end is near. I thank you for reading this so far.

Voice: But don’t think it’s over yet!

Azhure: True. Also, I’m putting off the Extra chapter thing, for now.


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Alicia Chapter 19.5: A Ritual to Be Grounded – War of the Princes and Nobles Epilogue

Azhure: No, it’s not the end of this book. This chapter simply contained the epilogue for an unwritten (as of this chapter’s publishing) book, ‘War of the Princes and Nobles’ that I plan to write. I added ‘and Nobles’ because ‘War of the Princes‘ was already taken.



Alicia Chapter 19 Extra 1: The End of a Different Story

Azhure: At first, I worry that my characters are too OP when I first conceived them, so I limit their powers, and created the directive for them to hold back. Now, I worry that they are too weak.

Voice: LOL



Alicia Chapter 19.4: A Ritual to Be Grounded – Astonishment

Azhure: I said Richter will not die, but I did not say anything else, right?

Also, the forum’s in my website’s a bust, I couldn’t get around the CSS to blend in black background. I’ll make an entire website for it instead, in the future.

Voice: So all that work ’till you updated late was wasted!?

Azhure: Regrettably, yes.

Voice: Also, what the hel- heck is up with the last chapter!?

Azhure: Classic story writing. Every story has to ‘go up,’ not going on a straight line.

Voice: You better not hurt my master!

Azhure: I only care whether she’s alive or not, that will be my extension.



Alicia Chapter 19.3: A Ritual to Be Grounded – Chasing

Azhure: I was adding a forum and a bunch of problems happened. Sorry for the late upload.



Alicia Chapter 19.2: A Ritual to Be Grounded – Contact

Azhure: Don’t really have a lot to say, but this chapter might have some POV texts be rewritten to fit the mentality of said character viewed. Enjoy!



Alicia Chapter 19.1: A Ritual to Be Grounded – Brief

Azhure: This story shall conclude in the second week of July, the last chapter concluded in the second week of June. I was considering a post-modern world chapter, but it would ruin to build-up. I’ll do that as a side story.



Alicia Chapter 18.2: The Wanderer – Heartfelt Cry

Azhure: In this part, which where semi-rewrite happened, I’m retconning some world-hopping title lore and adding new ones. (more…)


Alicia Chapter 18.1: The Wanderer – Encounter

an: Contrary to the notes below, I decided to split the chapter into two to give you readers a breather. So this note will stay because the notes below will become contradictory and I’m not editing them.

an: I was on a trip and I do not bring my laptop with me so I couldn’t do the finishing editing, so I delayed it – I write on my phone. But this story will enter the ‘turning point’ because otherwise, it will not go anywhere. Also, Voice?

Voice: Yes, Azhure!?

an: Don’t be annoying, this chapter is not the time for your remarks.

Voice: What…!? Pfft… fine…!

an: p.s. This is the first time uploading on Saturday morning, in my place. I still have more stuff to fit in here.

Voice: Hey, Azhure!

an: What?

Voice: Why do you still use ‘an’ and not your alias!?

an: I did it in the beginning and I don’t feel like changing. I don’t want to change all the ‘an’ to ‘Azhure’.

Voice: Well, you can start now!

Azhure: Eh, sure.

Voice: That’s better!



Alicia Chapter 17 Extra 1: Phase ???, Assassination

an: yeah, so the extra chapters are basically chapters without the main character, Alicia, in it.

Voice: what’s with the triple question marks!?

an: because I don’t know how many more phases I will come up with and this phase is the very last one.

Voice: phooey!

an: wonder why I wrote that.

an: ps, I got exams, but I write before I sleep so it doesn’t matter.